Friday, July 31, 2015

1 Nephi 1:20 July 31, 2015

So basically this week was just a struggle boat week. But my eyes have been opened and I have been greatly humbled and blessed. So many tender mercies this week.
But for starters, I got to see Brian on Wednesday... Yeah I bawled like a little girl... But it is actually a really funny story as to how I found him! So I went to dinner and found Luke and he had already seen him and Brian already left for class or whatever so I was rather sad. So I was eating with my district and everyone left to go to class but I wasn't done yet so we were just sitting there talking and one of the Elders from my district, Elder Stradling, came back and was like Sister Richards, look who I found. And I turned around and saw Brian and I just lost it. And I accidentally gave him a hug... but it was most definitely on purpose. I just sat there hugging him and crying on his nice new suit while everyone in the cafeteria freaked out. But I really didn't care. Every time since that I have seen him though I just give him a handshake like a good little missionary. But the best part of the story is how Elder Stradling found Brian. He was in the bathroom and saw this new missionary and asked where he was going. And the missionary said Long Beach so Stradling was like, do you know an Elder Richards? and he was like yeah that's my companion. So he found Brian and gave him a hug for me and then showed him to me. Seriously so amazing. Such a blessing. That was just what I needed and how wonderful is it that Elder Stradling remembered where my little brother was going? Let me just tell you that God is real. Anyway that seriously made my life. And funny enough I saw him as I was walking to come email you so we took a picture. And the Elder that is next to Brian is Elder Stradling, not his companion. His companion is this tall Asian. But I don't really have time to figure out how to load them up so I will have to send those later. Also I will have to send you pictures from our temple walk on Sunday. I saw Luke there and we got a picture. It was cute.   
But anyway, this week was a struggle. I just had a hard time with being able to teach with the Spirit and honestly, I don't know why. It was really frustrating with lot of tears of course. But I had the greatest realization one day and everything changed. I just realized how much God is in everything and how everything points to Jesus. I don't know why I have never really realized it but it seriously has changed my life since then. I don't really have time to talk about all my experiences this week but the most wonderful experience happened last night. We were doing this workshop with one of our teachers and he really just stressed how we need to have confidence in the Lord. I think that is something that I had been seriously lacking. So when we went to teach an investigator I just let the Lord and the spirit do the work and it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. We, as a companionship, were able to teach with unity and to be able to help Carolina, our investigator, feel the Spirit and God's love for her. I could see in her eyes that she felt something and when she finally decided to pray for us, it was beautiful. And the only thing I kept thinking was, God is real. And the song A Child's Prayer popped into my head. And I just thought how wonderful it was that God finally got to hear from one of his children. It was so amazing. And my teacher told us after to go read Jacob 5:71-77 and that just blew my mind too. I have read that allegory so many times and never really got that much out of it till last night. We have been trying so hard to be able to teach and when we finally let God help us, miracles were brought to pass.  The theme scripture for this whole week for me has been 1 Nephi 1:20, where it says that God shows tender mercies to those who serve with all their might or something like that. Love it.
Well, that is basically all that needs to be said for this week. Plus I'm outta time. I'm going to try and figure out how to send the pictures.

I love you and I pray for you every night. Thanks for the love and support!

Love, Sister Richards

P.S. People should know that I don't have any emails or address so if they want to hear from me, they have to write to me first! 
PPS Thank Beth and Kevin for the letters. They were a big help.

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