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Upon these I write the things of my soul January 23, 2017

Well hello!
This week was a little bit weird. We had lots of meetings and didn't get to work as much but we still had some cool experiences.
Wednesday we went on exchanges and it was so much fun. I stayed in my area and got to be with Sister Sherwood. She is the best, I just love her so much. We had so much fun and got to see cool miracles. We did service at the food bank and that was not as fun. It's better on Tuesdays. We got to bag rotten cucumbers. Fun. But after that we went to go tract and we went to talk to this group of guys and they didn't really want to talk. So we moved on. But when we were walking back to our car, one of he guys came up to us and wanted to know what we were about. So we shared the Book of Mormon with him and he was really interested in learning more. He said he was searching so that is cool. Then we went back to back with lessons. We taught Connie Turney. She is so adorable. She gave us donuts this time. She always has some treat. But then we went to see Julie Jacobs and that was an awesome lesson. We talked about the Atonement and it was just what she needed. It was just cool to know that we are doing the Lords work and that we can still teach to the needs of His children even though we may not be sure. He knows His children. The spirit was very strong and for the first time I realized how much I have been able to use the Atonement because of what I had to go through on my mission. After dinner we had a lesson with Victoria. She is doing much better. But it was just a good day of hard work. Love it.
Thursday we had zone conference. This one was a little weird though cause it was in preparation for a worldwide broadcast this week. There is going to be a change in our schedule. It confuses me though. I'm glad I don't have to worry about it for too long. But I also had to give my departing testimony and it was the scariest thing ever. But it was good because it just made me think about how much I have learned on my mission and how much I have grown. I have loved my mission so much.
Elder Mork
Friday we had another meeting because I am training and President called me out. I love when he does that. Thanks Pres. But it was really good. I just still have so much to do and I can still improve even though my time is coming to and end. There are still things to do. And I got to see Elder Mork one last time. That kid is the best.
Saturday we had a lesson with Gilbert (the one that came up to us) and it was pretty good. We had to sit outside and so that was pretty cold but that's ok. He is searching and willing. That night we met with the Ward Mission Leader and the Assistant to the Presidents and it was the funniest thing ever! I almost punched Elder Olsen though. People just love to tease me. But he just kept saying people like Elders more but I
know the truth. I'ts fine. But that night, Sister Cameron and I had fun with Berttie Botts Every Flavored Beans. There are some seriously nasty ones. The soap ones were pretty good though! 
Sunday was the best day. After Church I felt like myself again. Lately it's been a little bit weird for me but we had a cool experience and it was good to be back. We had a really great lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Cindi and Jackie. It was so good. But after dinner we went to these apartments that we haven't been to yet to tract. And that is where we found Allie. We went up to her and she started talking about how she is Catholic but I just kept asking questions and talking about the Book of Mormon and she just opened up. She is 27 and should have 9 kids but only 2 have survived. She is just really struggling and I was just overwhelmed with God's love for her. I love when I feel that for people, even though I may not know them. God knows His children and He cares. So that was cool. Hopefully we can keep helping her with the Gospel. And then there was this guy far away and I was like, we have to talk to everyone and it was awkward but we did. And that was when I felt like myself. And I was like, that is the real Sister Richards. And Sister Cameron says, I know its the real Sister Richards when I don't want to do it. Haha I loved that. I have a job to do and nothing will keep me from doing it. No matter how awkward. Love it!
Anyway I hope all is well and that you have a wonderful week! Know that I love you!

Much love,
Sister Richards

Westminster Zone.  Yes, we are the only Sisters

My Babies

Saturday, January 21, 2017

#FindLikeChrist January 16, 2017

Well here I go again, not having enough time to write everything that happened this week. Struggle. But there is something I totally forgot to mention about last week. We were tracting at night on this street and we were not having any luck. So we decided to go back to the car and while we were figuring out where we wanted to go to next, this cop pulled up next to our car. So we roll down the window and he asks, "have you two been walking around here?" yes... "are you wearing dresses?" yes... "you are just the people I'm looking for" Oh goodie. Apparently he got a call that there were two white girls in dresses walking around doing suspicious things... Yeah that's me, sharing the Gospel with people. We had a good laugh about that.
Anyway this week was a little bit slow for the work but that's OK. 
We had a pretty cool experience on Wednesday. No one was really answering their doors and right before we were going to go back into the car, I said we should knock on one more. So we went to this house and this lady just let us in before we even said anything. She didn't become a new investigator or anything, but she was having a hard day with her Dad being on the way out. So we were able to talk about the Spirit world and she just was the sweetest lady ever. 
Thursday we had a pretty good Zone Meeting. It was especially cool when Elder Krulish completely scrapped his training and followed the Spirit to talk about finding like Christ. It was really great and just what I needed to help me through the next couple of weeks. We also talked about Satan and how real he is and how he is trying to tell us that numbers matter and that I am not a good missionary because of x, y, and z. So it was just really good. We also were able to give some Book of Mormons to some kids that day too. That was cool.
Friday we had a really good lesson with a family that we found in December. We taught the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit was so strong. I love that plan. I don't know if they quite understand why we are teaching them but they are just the coolest. 
Saturday was a really great day. We went to teach Cindi and Jackie and boy was that fun. We also taught them the Plan of Salvation and it was so cool. Jackie kept saying she had never heard this before and so it was good to remind her of the joy of the Gospel. I was teaching about our purpose on earth and Jackie said that no one had ever explained it the way I did before. I literally have no idea what I said. But I just love those moments when you know that the Spirit is working through you and that you are able to touch someones life that day. That is why I love being a missionary. We also met with Victoria. Her life is falling apart. And it's stupid Satan that is trying to tear her family apart. Don't let him fool you folks. Let Christ in your life so that Satan will not have room in the Inn. Then we had a really cool lesson with Naomi and Jason. Jason isn't a member but he has the coolest Spirit about him. We were talking about the Holy Ghost and the Spirit was just so strong. I really just love those two. They are great! 
Yesterday we had Zone Preparation Day. We, of course, played volleyball. It wasn't the best Zone Preparation Day I have had but it was still fun. Elder Olsen tried to kill my companion so I in turn was about to bust his face in. Haha just kidding. But he kicked the volleyball and it went straight to Sister Cameron's head. They were super close too so it hit her hard. It was so funny but at the same time really scary. But Elder Olsen ran away so fast that it wasn't even funny. He was hiding too. Good times. But it was all good. After dinner we went to a less active member's house, David, whose girlfriend, Heather, isn't a member. So we taught her the restoration and she is really interested in continuing to learn. The coolest part about the lesson was how much David participated and was able to explain things in such a way that we couldn't. He is a cool dude. I think Heather has lots of potential too. We will just have to see.
Anyway sorry for the mess of an email. Know that I love my Savior and that I love being a missionary more than anything in the world. This truly is the work of the Lord and it's an amazing one at that!
Keep the faith and have a great week!

Much love,
Sister Richards
This is what happens during our studies...

We cute!

This will only end in tears January 9, 2017

Well hello!
This week started off pretty awesome and then literally ended in tears. Crazy how that happens sometimes.
Monday we had a full work day and that was pretty awesome. We went to visit with the Nunez family. But that was super awkward because they only speak Spanish... The only thing I can say in Spanish is we are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and El Libro de Mormon. Doesn't really help much. But they are so sweet. They just love missionaries. Then we went to teach a less active member named Julie Jacobs. She is a sweet lady. Her daughter usually doesn't like to talk but she really likes my companion so I think that is how she will get back to Church. She is cool though cause she already stopped smoking on her own and just really wants to come back. Then we had a really cool experience. We met this man named Eric who was just sitting on a bench in the park. So we went up to talk to him and we learned that he was homeless and didn't even know what to do. So we shared the Book of Mormon with him and told him that he could find peace from reading it. He just started crying and said that we were sent from God to help him. Just goes to show the importance of talking to everyone. Before dinner we met with a less active family that had the cutest dog ever. Now I don't like dogs but I think huskies are adorable. 
Tuesday we had a car fast and that was fun. We talked to so many people and handed out so many Book of Mormons and even found a new investigator. She is pregnant and about due any day so we don't really know if we will be able to meet with her much. But then we had another really cool experience. We met a man named Robert and he didn't hear us come up to him so he called us angels. He also told us that we came right when he needed us to. So we talked about the Plan of Salvation and how great that is. But it was just a really Spiritual experience. We also met with Victoria and that was good. We can never get through a lesson though with her. She is the best though. I just love her. And then we met with Cindi and Jackie. They are hilarious. They just love to tease each other. And I have told them the same stories like five times already and they just still can't remember. It's hilarious.
Wednesday was a little bit rough. We got to do service though at the old folks home, the same one I went to when I was serving in Red Leaf. It has changed so much though. It's so sad. But there are still some people there that were there last time so we had a good chat. I don't think they remember me though. But then we had a lesson with Connie Turney. She wasn't feeling too good that day, which meant that we got out of the lesson on time. But she is just really trying to stop smoking. She is getting better. After dinner though we had to go home cause the snow was getting really bad and we had to park our cars. But on the way home we were going up a hill and got stuck. Sister Cameron did not know what to do, being
Do you want to build a snowman?
from Texas and her first time driving in snow, so she kind of lost it. So I said the tiniest prayer ever and right after this guy came to our aid and pushed us up the hill with his car. It was a miracle. 
Thursday was cold. But we could drive by 1 so we went to district meeting. That was pretty fun. But then we met with the cutest less active member. Her name is Julia and hasn't been able to come to Church because she has no car. So we just got to know her and her kids are so cute. She came to Church and bore her testimony and everyone just loves her already. Just great. Then we had a very interesting meeting with a man named Steven. He is an alcoholic but loves God. So we shared the Book of Mormon with him and he asked us to share our testimonies. He just started to cry. It was a really cool experience. Kind of strange but cool. The power of testimony can not be denied. 
Friday we had another cool experience. We felt we needed to try by a less active members apartment that lived in a locked complex. So we were praying for a miracle that if it be God's will that we get in, we would. And so we start walking up to the building and I see the door open. I ran so fast to that door. Unfortunately they weren't home so we tracted the whole building hoping for a fourth floor last door experience but that didn't happen. Again, too many Spanish people. 
Saturday was a fun day. We had breakfast with the Stake President. We realized that we were the only sisters in the zone. Nice. Story of my life. But we had a good lesson with Cindi and Jackie again. They are just so funny and sassy towards each other. I love it.
Sunday was fast Sunday and it was pretty good.

Sorry I am going to have to cut this off short. Out of time! And I am hungry as a kitten!

Much love,
Sister Richards
This Spanish lady had a pig...
My scripture case finally gave up the ghost. I was so mad though. Really? You couldn't have waited 4 weeks? So now my scriptures are in a paper bag. Classy, I know.

It's the final countdown December 31, 2016

Last pic with Sister Burke
Surprise again, I am actually emailing today! But I don't think I will be emailing again for real until the next Monday, the 9th. But this week was pretty long. Transfer week always is.
It was so good to see you all on Sunday! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and party hard for the new year, it's gonna be good. 
Monday and Tuesday were pretty long days of finding but we did get to teach a couple of lessons so that was good. We got to meet a new less active member. Well not that she is new but we haven't met her yet. She has an intense story but she also is very wise. She was talking about faith and how sometimes we don't find answers right away but that we have to sometimes collect ingredients before we can make the bread. I don't know if that made any sense but it was mind blowing to me. And then we saw Victoria again and talked about the Tree of Life. I love that story. There are so many wonderful things to learn from that. Don't stop partaking of the wonderful fruit of the Gospel.
Elder Mork with his greenie
Wednesday was pretty great. I went to the mission office to pick up my new greenie! And Elder Mork is training too so that was fun to see him. It's been forever. But my new companion is Sister Cameron and she is from Texas. Elder Olsen was telling me that they got the best one for me cause she is from Texas and he is too. Haha, I had a good laugh at him. But she is pretty great. She got sick the second day so that was a little rough but hopefully by next week we will find all the children in the world to teach and baptize! Yeah baby. 
Thursday we had a lot of tracting to do because District Meeting got cancelled cause Elder Wood was in the hospital! He is all good now. But we had lots of really awkward instances that just made us laugh. It was great! We also saw Sister McCormac. She like kicked us out though, it was weird. 
Yesterday we didn't really do much. We had a great Trainers Meeting in the morning which we didn't even get back to our area till 3. So then we received two referrals and contacted them asap quick. It was great. But then we didn't have time to do anything else other than go to our meeting with the Bishop and the AP's which I made a fool of myself at. Whatever. That's my life. But after dinner we went home to do weekly planning but that didn't happen cause we were both just sick and needed to go to bed. 
So sorry if this email doesn't make any sense. I am just super out of it. But know that I love being a missionary more than anything right now and I can't wait for the miracles this transfer!!

Much love,
Sister Richards
Sister Cameron... ignore the hat...

Its a sloth bracelet. How cute is that? I want one!

I'm the prettiest princess in the world

We had fun with wigs and silly string

Surprise!! December 23, 2016

So we are actually emailing today. I know its stupid but I will see you on Sunday! :)
So this week has been a little... weird. 
Monday we found a family and that was so cool. We went to offer help cause he was putting lights up and asked to share a Christmas message and he went to get his whole family. Yay. But they loved it and they were so surprised that we were offering service to people. Weird. So that was cool. We were supposed to see them yesterday but they had a death in the family so that was a bummer. But that is also the perfect time to help people understand the plan of salvation. 
Tuesday we did a lot of service at the food bank. We also got to take a picture with Santa, finally. Then we had a lesson with a less active member and her whole family came over to the house and that means that nothing gets done. But we still managed to get a message shared with them. 
Wednesday we had district meeting and I had to give a training on faith. Which I had so many thoughts going through my head that it was so scatterbrained. And the District Leader gave me a whole hour to do the training.... But it all worked out. And actually I ended up talking too much and we didn't really get to do the role play. But I learned a lot from studying for it so that is great! And we only really skimmed the surface of the topic. We also had a dinner with a member and she brought a friend over so we taught him the plan of salvation. He seemed really interested and even took a Book of Mormon. We also had a little lesson with a lady that just lost her husband. She really just needed to know that God was watching out for her and that He knew of her needs. 
Yesterday was a little bit rough. We did teach a lot of people though. We visited with Sister McCormac and she gave us little Christmas presents, it was so nice. These people are so nice and cute. But we had a really cool lesson with a less active member . Funny story though, I knew her when I served in Red Leaf. I don't remember if I told you that before but we went over to visit her and her husband and it was just really cool. We shared the Christmas video with them and the husband who is not a member almost broke down in tears. It was so powerful. They are so awesome.  I just love them.
Well that is really all she wrote. I will see you guys on Sunday! We will be going over to email probably around 2:30 but I will probably go second so it may not be till 3:30 or 4 my time that I get to Skype. But I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! Love you all!!!

Much love,
Sister Richards

Friday, January 20, 2017

Howdy hey December 19, 2016

Well I love the tree! And I am glad that you are stress free for even a moment. I hope it lasts a little longer than a moment! You are doing a great job Mom!
Well not much happened this week for real but there were a lot of good highlights!
Monday we had zone preparation day and that was not my favorite. But it was fun. We didn't even take a picture... lame. But we did this gift exchange thing and I was the last one to pick. It was between getting a poop emoji dog toy or chancing it with an unopened gift. I didn't want a poop emoji so I took a chance, and what did I get? A poop emoji key chain. Classic Elders. It was so funny that now I will cherish that poop emoji key chain forever. Haha 
Tuesday was OK. We got to do service at the food bank which was awesome cause I got to see everyone from when I served in Red Leaf. Good times. But this time I can actually lift boxes and people won't make fun of me for my cast and trying to lift boxes and failing. We got to teach a couple of lessons with some less active members that were kind of awkward but such is the life of a missionary. We did meet one less active member from Utah and she just doesn't think it fits her personality. Haven't heard that one before. But we said a prayer with her and she was really grateful because her dad was struggling. God is real. 
Thursday we had our Christmas devotional and this years was not as good as last years. Santa didn't even come. What the poo? But that's OK. I learned a lot from the speakers. And we are doing a new challenge. We are reading the Book of Mormon in 63 days. But I don't have 63 days left on my mission so I am doing it in like 51 or something like that. I am already behind but that is OK. I will do it so help me. But one of the speakers talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and he totally blew my mind with the war in heaven from Revelations 12 I think. And again it's things that I already knew but it just clicked in a different way this time. It was great! Stupid Satan and his angels thought he could beat me? Psych that's the wrong number! Sorry I am really tired and stressed so this is probably not the most appropriate email I have written. But it was really fun. We did this little skit of the angels coming to the shepherds and announcing Christ's birth. It was great! I was the angel of course. 
Friday we had our ward Christmas party. We missed Santa though and that made me sad. But all four of us missionaries did sing my favorite Christmas song and it was wonderful. O Holy Night. And I didn't get as nervous as I usually would so that's good. But a couple of our less active members came and that was fun. 
Saturday was hecka busy. We had a blizzard the night before and so our cars were parked but then by 1 we could drive again. So we dug out our car and headed out. We met a former investigator who knows it's true just doesn't want to change... Whats that aboot? But we could only invite him. Then we had a lesson with Cindi and Jackie about prayer. It was very surface level stuff. There is so much to prayer but it was great. Then we met with Connie Turney and she of course gave us cake. She always gives us food.
Its great! Then we helped Victoria set up her Christmas tree. Its like Christmas threw up on it but she didn't care. So that was fun. She wasn't going to put her tree up but then she had a miracle happen. Her and her husband both lost their jobs and so they didn't want to do Christmas this year but someone dropped off gift cards for her and so she wanted to have Christmas again. So we helped her. It was fun.
Sunday was a pretty good day at Church. Nothing too special. We met with a less active member that just got baptized like 6 months ago. Sad. But their house is crazy and the dog always constantly barks cause they keep him in a cage. Talk about driving me crazy! But after dinner we found a new investigator. Cool story. I knew them from when I was serving in Brighton, which was like over a year ago! They were homeless then and now they are here and have a baby. And we put the husband on date for the end of January so that's exciting. It was just cool to meet them and I didn't actually remember that I had heard about them before until half way through our lesson with him. So that was crazy. But I am just glad that I got out of the car or else we wouldn't have met them. God is real.
So I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Just so you know I will be emailing again this Saturday (Christmas Eve) instead of next Monday so don't expect me to be on. Well, I will talk to you soon! Have a wonderful week and don't forget to light the world.

Much love,
Sister Richards

Merry bells keep ringing December 12, 2016

Winnie the Pooh is my favorite! :)
Mom you got that song stuck in my head! Haha
This week was a little interesting. It's not going to have a lot of details, sorry.
Monday we had sisters preparation day. We made graham-cracker gingerbread houses. Mine was a castle with me as the Princess gummy bear! :) It was great.
Tuesday we had a car fast. But no bikes this time :( But it was still pretty good. We got to Light the World. It was really cool because the two people that we shared it with really needed it that day. God has a perfect plan. But it was so cold that day. I was shivering for an hour before I could warm up. And my lips were purple. I have never been so cold in my life. It was crazy. 
Wednesday we had snow!!! Yay! We also had a zone meeting. That was really good. I think the biggest thing I learned was how personal and far reaching the Atonement really is. I know this is probably common knowledge but it blew my mind. Everyone has their own personal trials. I don't believe that any one is the same because no one person is the same. We all react differently to different things and have different personalities. And so when I thought about Christ going through every single on of those trials for every single person... blew my mind. And that is why He is my personal Savior. Food for thought. We also got to teach some people so that was good. We taught a potential investigator that said she reads the Book of Mormon everyday but I'm not too sure she really does, cause she didn't have a clue what we were talking about. But that's OK and really cool if she does. We then went to visit a less active member  who was very hesitant to let us in but she said we could for 10 minutes. An hour later we got to share the Christmas video with her and she just loved it. So we had a great conversation. I love when that happens. Also, we had dinner with the Schrecengosts!! It was really funny cause I was like, I know that name, it's not a very common name. Yup, it's the former stake president's son. Also random note, our Sister Training Leaders met Brother Shim ( I can't remember if that's him) and he asked about me apparently. 
Anyway, Thursday was kind of a slow day. We met with Sister McCormac. She is so funny to me. Really sweet lady but just cant get to Church because of health. Sad. We also had a cool lesson with another less active members, the Kautz. It was cool cause we shared the Christmas video and the dad had already downloaded the calendar with the 25 ways. I thought that was cool. One day they will return. 
Friday we had a trainer's meeting and that was really great. I learned a lot about teaching and obedience. It was really good. The rest of the day we were just trying to visit with the widows in our ward. They are so cute. And they really appreciated us coming to visit them. They get so lonely, it's really sad. But then we went to see Victoria and she is just really struggling. It was so sad. I just had so many scriptures running through my head that I wanted to share with her, so I wrote them on a sticky note. 
Saturday was another long day and not the normal day but we had a great lesson with a less active member and she was really into it. I don't know what was the difference this time but it was really personal to her and she just wanted to learn so much more. We shared the story of the woman with the issue of blood, which is one of my favorites. So it was really great. We had Stake Conference that night too and Elder Schmile (?) of the Seventy came to talk to us. He is really cool and has a lot of good things to say. Funny guy too. 
Sunday was another Stake Conference. We also had this really cool Christmas concert for our Stake and it was so good. It was cool too cause I got to see a lot of people from Red Leaf and even someone from Henderson. LOVE. That made my night. 
Well that is the week in a nutshell. I can't wait to see you all. I hope you have a wonderful week. Keep loving and keep believing. Don't let the Atonement go to waste and make it personal!

Much love,
Sister Richards

PS: Yes mom, I have made the pat of butter. Still working on it too! :)
I found the popcorn... and ate it all in 2 days...

Sisters preparation day

Getting ready to walk with our Lamberfeeties :)


It was cold and had to bring out the big guns

Zone meeting

I found my street again!!!!

This is my quiet place where I eat all the smarties in the world

Don't make me angry :)