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#FindLikeChrist January 16, 2017

Well here I go again, not having enough time to write everything that happened this week. Struggle. But there is something I totally forgot to mention about last week. We were tracting at night on this street and we were not having any luck. So we decided to go back to the car and while we were figuring out where we wanted to go to next, this cop pulled up next to our car. So we roll down the window and he asks, "have you two been walking around here?" yes... "are you wearing dresses?" yes... "you are just the people I'm looking for" Oh goodie. Apparently he got a call that there were two white girls in dresses walking around doing suspicious things... Yeah that's me, sharing the Gospel with people. We had a good laugh about that.
Anyway this week was a little bit slow for the work but that's OK. 
We had a pretty cool experience on Wednesday. No one was really answering their doors and right before we were going to go back into the car, I said we should knock on one more. So we went to this house and this lady just let us in before we even said anything. She didn't become a new investigator or anything, but she was having a hard day with her Dad being on the way out. So we were able to talk about the Spirit world and she just was the sweetest lady ever. 
Thursday we had a pretty good Zone Meeting. It was especially cool when Elder Krulish completely scrapped his training and followed the Spirit to talk about finding like Christ. It was really great and just what I needed to help me through the next couple of weeks. We also talked about Satan and how real he is and how he is trying to tell us that numbers matter and that I am not a good missionary because of x, y, and z. So it was just really good. We also were able to give some Book of Mormons to some kids that day too. That was cool.
Friday we had a really good lesson with a family that we found in December. We taught the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit was so strong. I love that plan. I don't know if they quite understand why we are teaching them but they are just the coolest. 
Saturday was a really great day. We went to teach Cindi and Jackie and boy was that fun. We also taught them the Plan of Salvation and it was so cool. Jackie kept saying she had never heard this before and so it was good to remind her of the joy of the Gospel. I was teaching about our purpose on earth and Jackie said that no one had ever explained it the way I did before. I literally have no idea what I said. But I just love those moments when you know that the Spirit is working through you and that you are able to touch someones life that day. That is why I love being a missionary. We also met with Victoria. Her life is falling apart. And it's stupid Satan that is trying to tear her family apart. Don't let him fool you folks. Let Christ in your life so that Satan will not have room in the Inn. Then we had a really cool lesson with Naomi and Jason. Jason isn't a member but he has the coolest Spirit about him. We were talking about the Holy Ghost and the Spirit was just so strong. I really just love those two. They are great! 
Yesterday we had Zone Preparation Day. We, of course, played volleyball. It wasn't the best Zone Preparation Day I have had but it was still fun. Elder Olsen tried to kill my companion so I in turn was about to bust his face in. Haha just kidding. But he kicked the volleyball and it went straight to Sister Cameron's head. They were super close too so it hit her hard. It was so funny but at the same time really scary. But Elder Olsen ran away so fast that it wasn't even funny. He was hiding too. Good times. But it was all good. After dinner we went to a less active member's house, David, whose girlfriend, Heather, isn't a member. So we taught her the restoration and she is really interested in continuing to learn. The coolest part about the lesson was how much David participated and was able to explain things in such a way that we couldn't. He is a cool dude. I think Heather has lots of potential too. We will just have to see.
Anyway sorry for the mess of an email. Know that I love my Savior and that I love being a missionary more than anything in the world. This truly is the work of the Lord and it's an amazing one at that!
Keep the faith and have a great week!

Much love,
Sister Richards
This is what happens during our studies...

We cute!

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