Saturday, January 21, 2017

This will only end in tears January 9, 2017

Well hello!
This week started off pretty awesome and then literally ended in tears. Crazy how that happens sometimes.
Monday we had a full work day and that was pretty awesome. We went to visit with the Nunez family. But that was super awkward because they only speak Spanish... The only thing I can say in Spanish is we are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and El Libro de Mormon. Doesn't really help much. But they are so sweet. They just love missionaries. Then we went to teach a less active member named Julie Jacobs. She is a sweet lady. Her daughter usually doesn't like to talk but she really likes my companion so I think that is how she will get back to Church. She is cool though cause she already stopped smoking on her own and just really wants to come back. Then we had a really cool experience. We met this man named Eric who was just sitting on a bench in the park. So we went up to talk to him and we learned that he was homeless and didn't even know what to do. So we shared the Book of Mormon with him and told him that he could find peace from reading it. He just started crying and said that we were sent from God to help him. Just goes to show the importance of talking to everyone. Before dinner we met with a less active family that had the cutest dog ever. Now I don't like dogs but I think huskies are adorable. 
Tuesday we had a car fast and that was fun. We talked to so many people and handed out so many Book of Mormons and even found a new investigator. She is pregnant and about due any day so we don't really know if we will be able to meet with her much. But then we had another really cool experience. We met a man named Robert and he didn't hear us come up to him so he called us angels. He also told us that we came right when he needed us to. So we talked about the Plan of Salvation and how great that is. But it was just a really Spiritual experience. We also met with Victoria and that was good. We can never get through a lesson though with her. She is the best though. I just love her. And then we met with Cindi and Jackie. They are hilarious. They just love to tease each other. And I have told them the same stories like five times already and they just still can't remember. It's hilarious.
Wednesday was a little bit rough. We got to do service though at the old folks home, the same one I went to when I was serving in Red Leaf. It has changed so much though. It's so sad. But there are still some people there that were there last time so we had a good chat. I don't think they remember me though. But then we had a lesson with Connie Turney. She wasn't feeling too good that day, which meant that we got out of the lesson on time. But she is just really trying to stop smoking. She is getting better. After dinner though we had to go home cause the snow was getting really bad and we had to park our cars. But on the way home we were going up a hill and got stuck. Sister Cameron did not know what to do, being
Do you want to build a snowman?
from Texas and her first time driving in snow, so she kind of lost it. So I said the tiniest prayer ever and right after this guy came to our aid and pushed us up the hill with his car. It was a miracle. 
Thursday was cold. But we could drive by 1 so we went to district meeting. That was pretty fun. But then we met with the cutest less active member. Her name is Julia and hasn't been able to come to Church because she has no car. So we just got to know her and her kids are so cute. She came to Church and bore her testimony and everyone just loves her already. Just great. Then we had a very interesting meeting with a man named Steven. He is an alcoholic but loves God. So we shared the Book of Mormon with him and he asked us to share our testimonies. He just started to cry. It was a really cool experience. Kind of strange but cool. The power of testimony can not be denied. 
Friday we had another cool experience. We felt we needed to try by a less active members apartment that lived in a locked complex. So we were praying for a miracle that if it be God's will that we get in, we would. And so we start walking up to the building and I see the door open. I ran so fast to that door. Unfortunately they weren't home so we tracted the whole building hoping for a fourth floor last door experience but that didn't happen. Again, too many Spanish people. 
Saturday was a fun day. We had breakfast with the Stake President. We realized that we were the only sisters in the zone. Nice. Story of my life. But we had a good lesson with Cindi and Jackie again. They are just so funny and sassy towards each other. I love it.
Sunday was fast Sunday and it was pretty good.

Sorry I am going to have to cut this off short. Out of time! And I am hungry as a kitten!

Much love,
Sister Richards
This Spanish lady had a pig...
My scripture case finally gave up the ghost. I was so mad though. Really? You couldn't have waited 4 weeks? So now my scriptures are in a paper bag. Classy, I know.

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