Saturday, January 21, 2017

It's the final countdown December 31, 2016

Last pic with Sister Burke
Surprise again, I am actually emailing today! But I don't think I will be emailing again for real until the next Monday, the 9th. But this week was pretty long. Transfer week always is.
It was so good to see you all on Sunday! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and party hard for the new year, it's gonna be good. 
Monday and Tuesday were pretty long days of finding but we did get to teach a couple of lessons so that was good. We got to meet a new less active member. Well not that she is new but we haven't met her yet. She has an intense story but she also is very wise. She was talking about faith and how sometimes we don't find answers right away but that we have to sometimes collect ingredients before we can make the bread. I don't know if that made any sense but it was mind blowing to me. And then we saw Victoria again and talked about the Tree of Life. I love that story. There are so many wonderful things to learn from that. Don't stop partaking of the wonderful fruit of the Gospel.
Elder Mork with his greenie
Wednesday was pretty great. I went to the mission office to pick up my new greenie! And Elder Mork is training too so that was fun to see him. It's been forever. But my new companion is Sister Cameron and she is from Texas. Elder Olsen was telling me that they got the best one for me cause she is from Texas and he is too. Haha, I had a good laugh at him. But she is pretty great. She got sick the second day so that was a little rough but hopefully by next week we will find all the children in the world to teach and baptize! Yeah baby. 
Thursday we had a lot of tracting to do because District Meeting got cancelled cause Elder Wood was in the hospital! He is all good now. But we had lots of really awkward instances that just made us laugh. It was great! We also saw Sister McCormac. She like kicked us out though, it was weird. 
Yesterday we didn't really do much. We had a great Trainers Meeting in the morning which we didn't even get back to our area till 3. So then we received two referrals and contacted them asap quick. It was great. But then we didn't have time to do anything else other than go to our meeting with the Bishop and the AP's which I made a fool of myself at. Whatever. That's my life. But after dinner we went home to do weekly planning but that didn't happen cause we were both just sick and needed to go to bed. 
So sorry if this email doesn't make any sense. I am just super out of it. But know that I love being a missionary more than anything right now and I can't wait for the miracles this transfer!!

Much love,
Sister Richards
Sister Cameron... ignore the hat...

Its a sloth bracelet. How cute is that? I want one!

I'm the prettiest princess in the world

We had fun with wigs and silly string

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