Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Party July 25, 2016

So I totally forgot to tell you about something that happened on Monday. Sister Larson told our dinner that it was my year mark so we had a party. She made Cafe Rio. Waz up! Best day ever. It was so fun. And I just love the Updikes. They are the best. I just loved it.  :)
I got a cake! They sang "happy one year mark"

Nailed it! :)

Oh I forgot something else in my email. President told us that our companion is still sick in the mtc. She is having a lot of anxiety I think. So she will be delayed another 2 weeks. We are super sad cause President doesn't think that she will make it out. So bummer. But thanks for praying for her. :)

Satan is a babe.....apparently July 25, 2016

So my lovely companion is convinced that Satan is a babe. And it kind of makes sense because you know how they talk about in the scriptures that Christ will not have any form of comeliness as to not desire him? So she thinks that he is very desirable and that is why he is such a turd and so good at getting into peoples hearts. She is funny. We have great talks about Satan. Mainly just yelling at him because he is so dumb.

Anyway this week was a pretty good one. Tuesday we got a new investigator. Her name is Shirley and she is as old as can be and so cute. We had a really good lesson with her about the Plan of Salvation. She was really open to it and it left her thinking. She had never heard some of it before. So that was cool.
Wednesday was bittersweet. We did some good service and then had interviews with President and Sister Mendenhall. That was really good. Sister Mendenhall was talking about marriage with me. I was like, hold the phone! I still have 6 months and probably a lot longer after that before marriage is going to enter my mind. Geez! But it was good to talk to them. And it did get me thinking about goals and whatnot. Then we did some more service for one of our investigators, Susan. She is a Buddhist and very interesting. She likes to feed us and she even gave us water bottles. They are freaky fresh. So that was good. She is super sweet! So kind. Then we had a very sad but powerful lesson. We had to pass Sydney off to the Parker ward Sisters. We found out that she is not actually in our boundaries. I don't remember if I actually told you about her but she is so awesome. She is golden but doesn't want to be. She has been to every church you could think of and this was the only one she likes. She takes notes during our lessons and is just so sweet. Oh and she is 15. So adorable. But it was so sad because we had to pass her off. But it was still a pretty powerful lesson. I could just feel so much love for her. She will get there some day. And I better be invited. Just sayin...
Thursday we had a pretty good District meeting. We talked about different ways of finding and helping our investigators with their Spiritual conversion. It was really good. Then we had a very frustrating lesson with Benji. He is just ridiculous. He refuses to pray about the Book of Mormon and we just don't understand why! So dumb. So we are going to try one more time and then have to cut him off for real. I don't even want to say anything else about that day. It was pretty terrible.
Friday I hit my year mark. And I had quite the breakthrough personally. I knew that it would be quite the turning point of a day, seeing as I now only have 6 months left to kick my own butt into gear and preach the Gospel. It makes me sad to think there is an end. I never thought this day would come and now I don't understand how it came so fast. What is life? But I have a changed attitude and am working on positive thoughts. But we had dinner with the Bennions and that was awesome. We had breakfast for dinner and I have come to realize that I love when people make me breakfast. Probably because dad would make it a lot for us when I was younger. I miss that. Thanks dad. :) But then they showed us their theater room and holy crap, it is the bomb. I want a theater room when I grow up. So, yeah, that was cool. And we had another interesting experience. We got to teach a lesson to a random lady and her daughter. It was super Spiritual and when we asked them to commit to something they straight up said no. I was shocked. That hasn't really ever happened to me. At least not for a long time. How can you deny the Spirit you have felt!? That darn agency. But it was a great experience. Maybe one day their hearts will be soft enough.
Saturday we had a great mini Zone meeting where we got trained on how to use the Temple approach. It got me so excited. Oh and in case you didn't know, Fort Collins Temple open house is Aug 19- Sep 10. So that is exciting. So we have just been inviting everyone we see to go to the Temple. It's been great.
Sunday we had a good day. There were a lot of good lessons. And we got to visit with Brother Ogden. He is active but his wife is not and they like to expound upon the scriptures. We did Revelation 1 last night. Did I understand any of it? Not in the slightest. But I also felt like I learned a lot... so that was good.
So not a ton happened this week but we laughed a lot more than we have in the past couple of weeks and that just makes everything better. So it was great. I hope you have a wonderful week! Keep smiling! And #behappy!! 

Much love,
Sister Richards
Thanks Eric....

She didn't want to take a picture with me.

Remember, Christ is the driver July 18,2016

Free Slurpee Monday!!!:)
So I don't really have a lot of time, sorry. But I will tell you that this was a struggle bus of a week. But that's why you need to remember that Christ is the driver.
Anyway, Tuesday we received some pretty sad news. Our companion that was supposed to come out on Wednesday is sick, so she couldn't come to us. We were so bummed! So we have been praying for her a lot this past week. Well, that is actually a funny story. We found out that our companion was supposed to be Sister Casalino. She was a visa waiter going to Italy. So we thought that was who we were supposed to pray for. Turns out that President did a little switch and Sister Casalino is actually here with someone else and our sick companion is actually Sister Jammet. Since we were going to be in a trio, it was just better to switch it. So now we are praying for Sister Jammet! We hope that she makes it to us soon! So if you would pray for her too that would be great! It's kind of a confusing story but... there it is. 
It was weird to not actually transfer this transfer. But I do love Sister Larson and we are having a grand old time! I am trying to be positive so I don't have a lot to talk about. It was just one of those weeks. We got told we were wrong by a lot of people and that was so fun. Not really, I hated it. But I have been learning a lot. 
We had a pretty good District meeting this week. We talked about being bold which is something I need to work on. But it was great!
That is sadly all the time I have. Sorry. I promise I will do better!
I am still loving the work and loving the experiences I am going through. 
I love you! Hope you have a great week!

Sister Richards

Ps I am super jelly of you going to a Reds game and being so close!

We found the best toy ever!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Just Keep Swimming!! July 11, 2016

First of all I must say congrats mom on the new calling! You are going to rock it! I will pray for you! ;)
And 2nd I am super jelly that Beth is in Ireland.... without me.... again. Lame! But that's cool.

So today we were supposed to find out about transfers but there is no news... I am freaking out! Although I do know some things. So Thursday night we got a call while I was getting ready in the bathroom so Sister Larson just answered it. I come out of the bathroom and she falls to the floor crying. I was like, what the heck just happened?!! She got a call to train. I knew it. I have this curse of getting a new companion every transfer and most of my companions get a call to train or be a leader. So she was super upset because we both wanted to stay together. So we went to the trainers meeting on Friday and it was a really good meeting. After, President came up to me and said, "you are looking really happy". I was like, "well I was happy until you took my companion away from me to train!" And then he just gave me a look and I was very suspicious. But then he proceeded to tell me that we are not leaving each other, but that we are going to be in a trio and training a new missionary. I got super excited. So I looked over to my companion who was talking to Sister Mendendall and was being told the same thing. Her reaction was crazy funny. She freaked out. So we knew about transfers but we just want to make sure it's staying that way. So now we are trying to figure out how we are going to be in a trio and train and do all the other things we need to do, while trying to fit another person in our tiny apartment! Its going to be quite the adventure. But we are excited. It's going to be awesome!
Anyway, I am just going to tell you of the wonderful things that happened this week.
We had an amazing lesson with Sydney this week. It was seriously so Spiritual. We were just talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I was just getting so excited about the Gospel. I just felt the Spirit and was just so happy about faith and being able to repent. I am grateful for being baptized and the gift of the Holy Ghost is an amazing gift! I was almost jumping for joy. Sydney is so awesome too. She is progressing so well. She even took notes during our lesson. Sad news though... We are not allowed to teach her anymore so we have to pass her off. I am so sad!! I really think she will get baptized one day! Hopefully I will still be here for that. Gosh, I just love this Gospel. It is so simple and wonderful.
We also had a really good zone meeting this week. It was quite amazing. We talked about what we are willing to pay to have the best mission experience possible. It just really made me think. I have been thinking a lot about going to the Missionary Training Center and when I first came out to the field. I just had that fire and I am getting a glimpse of that fire back. I know this is where I am supposed to be. We also talked about small victories. And that is something I really need to do better. Notice the small things that are going well. Notice Gods hand in the details, because He is in the details of our lives. So that was a good meeting to really refocus and recommit.
I already talked about the trainers meeting. I got to see lots of friends too. It was really cool to be in that meeting with all the other trainers and I just felt so much power. Here were humble missionaries that aren't Sister Training Leaders or Zone Leaders or District Leaders. These were just missionaries that were going about a great work! I felt at home with them. All these leaders freak me out. Don't get me wrong, they are awesome, just a little scary sometimes. hehe.
We also got to teach Angela. She is a really sweet lady that is open to learning. She even taught her husband what we taught her! Ballin! So that was cool.
Saturday we got to go to a baptism in Aurora. Sister Larson's investigator from there was getting baptized and we were singing a song for him. It was such a cool experience. Watching him get baptized really just strengthened my testimony that baptism is real and important and true. I love this Gospel. And there were a ton of other missionaries there with their investigators and I just felt that humble power again. It was really cool. They were so kind and so wonderful. It was a great experience. Unfortunately the song probably wasn't that great because I have this head cold thing going on right now. But it was still awesome!
The work is moving along! This is an amazing work and I love being a part of it. I hope that you all have a wonderful week and keep the faith. You can do all things through Christ! Make Him your center!
Love you!!

Sister Richards

Happy Independence!! July 5, 2016

Can I just say time is going by way too fast! Not cool!
This week has been quite the emotional roller coaster, mainly towards the weekend but I will get to that later!
Tuesday I got to go see my doctor again. I was having this weird pain in my wrist and my therapist told me if it didn't go away in a month I should go back. So I did. And apparently its normal. He also said it would be like that for about a year.... yay... But we had a pretty powerful lesson with the Pain's that night. They are on baptism date and still kind of being wishy washy. So we talked about fasting as a way to find answers. It was a really awesome lesson totally guided by the Spirit. I don't even really know what was said. All I know is that they agreed to fast with us to find their answers. So that was exciting. 
Wednesday we had our last district meeting. That was pretty good except for the attack of this crazy
District Pic
spider. I have never seen such an ugly spider. And it moved fast. We were just doing role plays when all of the sudden Elder Bird jumps out of his seat. So then I did cause I didn't know what was going on. Then we as a district took about 5 mins to try and take a picture and then kill it. It was quite the ordeal. Then we played with the horses. I am slowly warming up to them. I had to bring a couple in on my own. Scary stuff. But Sister Larson always has fun. Did I tell you she used to train horses before her mission? Well she truly is the horse whisperer. Then we had quite the emotional lesson with a recent convert. It was our last lesson with him and it was Sister Larson's first baptism. So needless to say there were tears. And yes, they were from me too. But that was for other reasons. We were talking about Temples and I was just thinking about how blessed I am that I can have my family forever and that we can go to Temples and feel of the great peace that comes from there. It moved me, Bob.
Thursday was the big fast day. And we were go go go. From one appointment to the next. #miracles! We did some service in the morning and then after lunch we were just going. And we found two new investigators. So we had a lesson with Maria, an investigator from last week and she is very open to the Spirit. Its really cool. She is Catholic, though, and very strong in it. But the Spirit does wonders. Then we taught a 7 yr old to prepare her for baptism. She is crazy. But then we had a lesson with Benji. I was getting a little emotional when we were talking about repentance for some reason. I have been using that gift a lot this transfer. But then he made fun of my shoes... Rude. It's all fun and games though. He is seriously such a joker. That makes it really hard to teach him. I need a lot of patience and love for him.
Overstuffing ourselves with Chili's
Then we ate ourselves sick for dinner at chili's. We were given a $70 gift card there from Benji. So we used it. And we used all of it that night. We got so much food! We felt sick for days after that. But dessert was good. We only actually used 50 but then gave the rest of it as a tip for our waiter. He was very flustered and stressed so we felt bad for him. Then we got to talk to our new investigators, Jerome and Julie, his wife. Jerome is Asian! Must. Baptize. HIM! But it was really cool how we found him. So he was actually a referral and said he wasn't interested. But we left him with something I think. But then this week we were just turning a corner and he was there walking his dogs. So he stopped us and said that he had talked to his wife and actually wanted us to come by! How cool is that? God is real! So we went and got to know them a lot. They are from Chicago and they are so cool. They even made us brownies. How sweet? So they aren't super solid but its a start. 
Friday was the day that our lives kind of fell apart. We followed up with the Pain's about their fast and they had a really good experience. Brother Pain got his answer that is was true and he believes. But then Sister Pain got her peace that it wasn't her truth, so Bro. Pain said that he wasn't going to go through with it without her. I became a blubbering idiot at that point. Both Sister Larson and I felt that they were ready to be baptized and that they had got their answer that it was something God wanted them to do. So to hear that ripped me apart. They asked us about what we thought and I actually thought of you, Mom and Dad, a lot, about how Dad joined and then a year later Mom joined. So I was seriously ugly crying like nobody's business. It was rather embarrassing. I haven't cried that uncontrollably in a long time. So I didn't know what to do and Sister Larson took over. But they before had said that they were going to get their answer on July 2. So we were trying everything to get them to just wait till the next day to decide. So they did and we went home and I was just a mess. But I learned a lot from that experience. 
So then Saturday... The 2nd of July... There was a baptism that day for a kid in our ward so we invited the Pain's to come. And they did. After, we went up to them and Sister Pain wanted to talk alone. So we did and she started to get all emotional and Sister Larson and I just looked at each other like, what is going on? And she proceeded to tell us that she felt that true peace that everyone talks about and felt so much love and that she wanted to be a part of it. And that she wants to continue to move forward with the baptism on the 9th. WHAT?? I was dumbfounded. Only God. That was really cool. But we haven't actually heard from them in a while cause something happened and so now we are just waiting to see what's going on. Probably won't happen on the 9th but eventually. Sooner rather than later hopefully. Anyway so that was cool. We also did a Church tour that day for a Hindu family. That was cool.
We had a fun 4th of July. We started the day off with a party with one of our wards. We met the cutest old people ever there. They just become our friends instantly. It was great. Then we had sisters preparation day. We drove to a canyon and did a hike. So that was super fun. I was so dead tired by the end. But it was great. Then for dinner I had Cincinnati style chili. The family made it for me. How sweet are they? It was so good. We also did some pops and little fireworks. So that was super fun too. Good times!
Amy and her kids
Well that is all for me. I am out of time! I will have to send pictures next week! Love you bunches! Hope you had a good fourth!!!

Much love!
Sister Richards
Adventure Time

Monday, July 11, 2016

Prove me now herewith June 27, 2016

Okay I have a lot to do so sorry if this is going to be short. But the reason for the title today is because that is what we did this week. We were trying to prove that God has His hand in this work. And He definitely does.

Oh and the quote is very easy... Secondhand Lions... duh
Tuesday was hot hot hot! It was 106 all day and we were trying so hard to find people to talk to but no one was listening. But we did talk to these two guys, Jesse and James. James took a Book of Mormon and we had a good talk about our testimonies. It was great. And it is amazing how much better you feel after you teach someone a piece of the restored gospel. It was good. After dinner we helped this lady move except when we got there, all that was left to do was cleaning. So we did that. And then we had a lesson with a recent convert from last transfer. Those lessons are nothing too special. We are just going over the commandments with him.
Wednesday was cool. We decided to fast that day for Amy. She was really struggling with the Word of Wisdom when we taught it. So we wanted to fast for her to find peace with it. Miracle #1: It was overcast all day so we weren't dying of heat and didn't feel the need to drink so much water. Miracle #2: I wasn't hungry at all and didn't even notice that I was fasting (that never happens to me!). Miracle #3: we found out what Amy's problem was with the Word of Wisdom by asking one question. Miracle #4: we had a really awesome lesson with Sydney, another investigator, and it went great! She really loves us coming to teach her and feels like this is good and won't lead to anything wrong. It was a great comfort to hear that. I have hope for her. Anyway, it was a good day. We also had District Meeting this morning and I had to do a role play. It was pretty good. I learned a lot from doing it, so I guess that's something. And we had fun with Smores (the horse) today. He kept hitting me in the butt, though, when we were brushing him. Not cool. But we also found a new investigator named Angela. She was a referral from a different ward and wanted a Book of Mormon, so we brought her one. Hopefully she comes to find truth.
Thursday was a little rough. But we did find two new investigators so that was awesome. And that was our goal. 3 new investigators for the week. God is real. But we did service in the morning and I was in heaven. I was just having a grand old time organizing clothes by size. I could stay there all day. But my companion was as hungry as a kitten so I had to stop in the middle of it all! Dah! But yeah the two investigators we found are not too solid but you never know!
Friday was not that eventful, it never really is. But we did have a lesson with the Pain's. They are on baptism date for the 9th of July. They are progressing nicely. They still struggle with Joseph Smith but really want to know truth. I think they already do. But I have faith that all will work out for them.
Saturday was a very long day. We talked to a couple of people. We found an Asian named Chris and he took a Book of Mormon so that was really cool. He seems pretty legit. I hope he actually reads it.
Sunday's are always really busy of course. But it was a really good day. A lot of what we talked about was service. I really needed that too. It was a good reminder for me. It was a very contemplative day for me. It was good. We had dinner with the Stohltons and they are so funny. They just made me feel right at home. And the food was dang good. Also people in Colorado think dessert is fruit with whipped cream. I mean I love it and it satisfies but where is the chocolate? Haha just kidding. They are awesome though!
But that was my week. We proved God. And now we need to just keep working hard. Thanks for the prayers! I hope you have a wonderful week! Ok I forgot to tell you that I finally beat Sister Larson in our race to get to bed. But then we stopped cause we were flossing too fast and it was hurting our gums :)
Love you bunches!!

Sister Richards
We matched!  :) Hairstyle and clothes! haha

Cockro pootch June 20, 2016

So the line for the day is me just being dyslexic. I was trying to talk about cockroach poop and it just got all muddled up. Also sadly I don't know that quote....
But anyway, this week was little bit of a struggle but I have high hopes for a new week. It's going to be awesome.
Monday was fun. We had zone preparation day and we played Capture the Flag, with flour. Since we can't touch each other, we got pantyhose and filled them with flour and then just hit each other with them. It was awesome. Our team lost but I did nail a couple of Elders... just sayin. But then we made ice cream. That was fun. It didn't work as well as I think they thought it would but it was still fun. And my camera got taken by an Elder so now I have lots of wonderfully random pictures. It was great.
Tuesday we had so many appointments set and all of them just bailed on us. It was so lame! But we did do some service at the Task Force and that was way fun. We just sorted food and stuff. I love organizing things. It makes me happy. Then we just did a lot of finding. We also got to help a sister in our ward with spray painting something for her. It was way fun except I got blue in my hair and I still have blue on my arms. It's fabulous. But we had a really awesome lesson with Amy, one of our investigators on baptism date. She is so awesome and ready. Everything just makes sense to her. #prepared!
Wednesday was kind of crazy and a little bit stressful. We had lunch with Benji, another investigator and he got us pizza. I wish I would have taken a picture of the pizza cause it was huge!!! And they made me eat 2 pieces. I wanted to die. Then we had the most awkward drop lesson with a couple of the Bahai faith? Never heard of it. But then we went to do service with the horses again and I was scared out of my mind because my companion made me take a horse by myself. They could smell the fear on me. I have this huge fear of horses and I got  a huge one to take care of. Scary. But then we did more spray painting, yay.
Thursday we had zone meeting and holy cow that was bomb! The trainings we had were so good and we learned a lot about our authority. It was really needed. And now all of my studies have been on that authority. Its been pretty awesome. Getting pretty pumped here. I also found this really cool scripture in Luke 4:18 about that today. Its been great!
Friday was a little bit of a struggle day. But we had a couple of pretty good lessons so that was good. We have this couple on baptism date and they are so awesome. The wife is so ready to be baptized but she has some Word of Wisdom issues. But she is so solid so I think all will be well. But the funniest part of the day was when our zone leaders called us and they were like, Sisters where are you going? I was like, we are sitting in our house doing weekly planning right now... They thought they saw us leaving the zone, which is a big no no. It made my day. But my companion and I have also started to do this thing after we get home and are getting ready for bed. We race to see who can get ready the fastest. I lost big time the first time but then we tied the next time so I think I will get her this next time. I'll keep you updated ;) 
I don't really want to talk about Saturday...
Sunday we had a really awesome Relief Society lesson about being great. It was really great. But we had another lesson with Amy and the Word of Wisdom is making her a little shaky. But I am going to pray really hard for her. But we had dinner with the Richards too. That was fun. They are a funny family. Ours is better of course :)
But that was my week. We are hoping to work really hard for this week to try and find 3 new investigators. It's going to take a lot of work on our part but I just gotta have faith in God right now. It's going to be awesome!
I love you all. I hope you all have had a great week! Happy Fathers Day Dad! I hope you got the picture. I don't have your number memorized,
sorry! Love ya!!
Live long and prosper!
Keep the faith!

Much love,
Sister Richards
Zone Preparation Day

Zone Preparation Day


Spray Painting

Zone Meeting

Our reaction to how hot it is right now

This is our life right now

Right before we started racing.

We got free food from Kneaders for being missionaries. It pays to be cool :)