Monday, July 11, 2016

Cockro pootch June 20, 2016

So the line for the day is me just being dyslexic. I was trying to talk about cockroach poop and it just got all muddled up. Also sadly I don't know that quote....
But anyway, this week was little bit of a struggle but I have high hopes for a new week. It's going to be awesome.
Monday was fun. We had zone preparation day and we played Capture the Flag, with flour. Since we can't touch each other, we got pantyhose and filled them with flour and then just hit each other with them. It was awesome. Our team lost but I did nail a couple of Elders... just sayin. But then we made ice cream. That was fun. It didn't work as well as I think they thought it would but it was still fun. And my camera got taken by an Elder so now I have lots of wonderfully random pictures. It was great.
Tuesday we had so many appointments set and all of them just bailed on us. It was so lame! But we did do some service at the Task Force and that was way fun. We just sorted food and stuff. I love organizing things. It makes me happy. Then we just did a lot of finding. We also got to help a sister in our ward with spray painting something for her. It was way fun except I got blue in my hair and I still have blue on my arms. It's fabulous. But we had a really awesome lesson with Amy, one of our investigators on baptism date. She is so awesome and ready. Everything just makes sense to her. #prepared!
Wednesday was kind of crazy and a little bit stressful. We had lunch with Benji, another investigator and he got us pizza. I wish I would have taken a picture of the pizza cause it was huge!!! And they made me eat 2 pieces. I wanted to die. Then we had the most awkward drop lesson with a couple of the Bahai faith? Never heard of it. But then we went to do service with the horses again and I was scared out of my mind because my companion made me take a horse by myself. They could smell the fear on me. I have this huge fear of horses and I got  a huge one to take care of. Scary. But then we did more spray painting, yay.
Thursday we had zone meeting and holy cow that was bomb! The trainings we had were so good and we learned a lot about our authority. It was really needed. And now all of my studies have been on that authority. Its been pretty awesome. Getting pretty pumped here. I also found this really cool scripture in Luke 4:18 about that today. Its been great!
Friday was a little bit of a struggle day. But we had a couple of pretty good lessons so that was good. We have this couple on baptism date and they are so awesome. The wife is so ready to be baptized but she has some Word of Wisdom issues. But she is so solid so I think all will be well. But the funniest part of the day was when our zone leaders called us and they were like, Sisters where are you going? I was like, we are sitting in our house doing weekly planning right now... They thought they saw us leaving the zone, which is a big no no. It made my day. But my companion and I have also started to do this thing after we get home and are getting ready for bed. We race to see who can get ready the fastest. I lost big time the first time but then we tied the next time so I think I will get her this next time. I'll keep you updated ;) 
I don't really want to talk about Saturday...
Sunday we had a really awesome Relief Society lesson about being great. It was really great. But we had another lesson with Amy and the Word of Wisdom is making her a little shaky. But I am going to pray really hard for her. But we had dinner with the Richards too. That was fun. They are a funny family. Ours is better of course :)
But that was my week. We are hoping to work really hard for this week to try and find 3 new investigators. It's going to take a lot of work on our part but I just gotta have faith in God right now. It's going to be awesome!
I love you all. I hope you all have had a great week! Happy Fathers Day Dad! I hope you got the picture. I don't have your number memorized,
sorry! Love ya!!
Live long and prosper!
Keep the faith!

Much love,
Sister Richards
Zone Preparation Day

Zone Preparation Day


Spray Painting

Zone Meeting

Our reaction to how hot it is right now

This is our life right now

Right before we started racing.

We got free food from Kneaders for being missionaries. It pays to be cool :)


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