Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Remember, Christ is the driver July 18,2016

Free Slurpee Monday!!!:)
So I don't really have a lot of time, sorry. But I will tell you that this was a struggle bus of a week. But that's why you need to remember that Christ is the driver.
Anyway, Tuesday we received some pretty sad news. Our companion that was supposed to come out on Wednesday is sick, so she couldn't come to us. We were so bummed! So we have been praying for her a lot this past week. Well, that is actually a funny story. We found out that our companion was supposed to be Sister Casalino. She was a visa waiter going to Italy. So we thought that was who we were supposed to pray for. Turns out that President did a little switch and Sister Casalino is actually here with someone else and our sick companion is actually Sister Jammet. Since we were going to be in a trio, it was just better to switch it. So now we are praying for Sister Jammet! We hope that she makes it to us soon! So if you would pray for her too that would be great! It's kind of a confusing story but... there it is. 
It was weird to not actually transfer this transfer. But I do love Sister Larson and we are having a grand old time! I am trying to be positive so I don't have a lot to talk about. It was just one of those weeks. We got told we were wrong by a lot of people and that was so fun. Not really, I hated it. But I have been learning a lot. 
We had a pretty good District meeting this week. We talked about being bold which is something I need to work on. But it was great!
That is sadly all the time I have. Sorry. I promise I will do better!
I am still loving the work and loving the experiences I am going through. 
I love you! Hope you have a great week!

Sister Richards

Ps I am super jelly of you going to a Reds game and being so close!

We found the best toy ever!!

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