Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy Independence!! July 5, 2016

Can I just say time is going by way too fast! Not cool!
This week has been quite the emotional roller coaster, mainly towards the weekend but I will get to that later!
Tuesday I got to go see my doctor again. I was having this weird pain in my wrist and my therapist told me if it didn't go away in a month I should go back. So I did. And apparently its normal. He also said it would be like that for about a year.... yay... But we had a pretty powerful lesson with the Pain's that night. They are on baptism date and still kind of being wishy washy. So we talked about fasting as a way to find answers. It was a really awesome lesson totally guided by the Spirit. I don't even really know what was said. All I know is that they agreed to fast with us to find their answers. So that was exciting. 
Wednesday we had our last district meeting. That was pretty good except for the attack of this crazy
District Pic
spider. I have never seen such an ugly spider. And it moved fast. We were just doing role plays when all of the sudden Elder Bird jumps out of his seat. So then I did cause I didn't know what was going on. Then we as a district took about 5 mins to try and take a picture and then kill it. It was quite the ordeal. Then we played with the horses. I am slowly warming up to them. I had to bring a couple in on my own. Scary stuff. But Sister Larson always has fun. Did I tell you she used to train horses before her mission? Well she truly is the horse whisperer. Then we had quite the emotional lesson with a recent convert. It was our last lesson with him and it was Sister Larson's first baptism. So needless to say there were tears. And yes, they were from me too. But that was for other reasons. We were talking about Temples and I was just thinking about how blessed I am that I can have my family forever and that we can go to Temples and feel of the great peace that comes from there. It moved me, Bob.
Thursday was the big fast day. And we were go go go. From one appointment to the next. #miracles! We did some service in the morning and then after lunch we were just going. And we found two new investigators. So we had a lesson with Maria, an investigator from last week and she is very open to the Spirit. Its really cool. She is Catholic, though, and very strong in it. But the Spirit does wonders. Then we taught a 7 yr old to prepare her for baptism. She is crazy. But then we had a lesson with Benji. I was getting a little emotional when we were talking about repentance for some reason. I have been using that gift a lot this transfer. But then he made fun of my shoes... Rude. It's all fun and games though. He is seriously such a joker. That makes it really hard to teach him. I need a lot of patience and love for him.
Overstuffing ourselves with Chili's
Then we ate ourselves sick for dinner at chili's. We were given a $70 gift card there from Benji. So we used it. And we used all of it that night. We got so much food! We felt sick for days after that. But dessert was good. We only actually used 50 but then gave the rest of it as a tip for our waiter. He was very flustered and stressed so we felt bad for him. Then we got to talk to our new investigators, Jerome and Julie, his wife. Jerome is Asian! Must. Baptize. HIM! But it was really cool how we found him. So he was actually a referral and said he wasn't interested. But we left him with something I think. But then this week we were just turning a corner and he was there walking his dogs. So he stopped us and said that he had talked to his wife and actually wanted us to come by! How cool is that? God is real! So we went and got to know them a lot. They are from Chicago and they are so cool. They even made us brownies. How sweet? So they aren't super solid but its a start. 
Friday was the day that our lives kind of fell apart. We followed up with the Pain's about their fast and they had a really good experience. Brother Pain got his answer that is was true and he believes. But then Sister Pain got her peace that it wasn't her truth, so Bro. Pain said that he wasn't going to go through with it without her. I became a blubbering idiot at that point. Both Sister Larson and I felt that they were ready to be baptized and that they had got their answer that it was something God wanted them to do. So to hear that ripped me apart. They asked us about what we thought and I actually thought of you, Mom and Dad, a lot, about how Dad joined and then a year later Mom joined. So I was seriously ugly crying like nobody's business. It was rather embarrassing. I haven't cried that uncontrollably in a long time. So I didn't know what to do and Sister Larson took over. But they before had said that they were going to get their answer on July 2. So we were trying everything to get them to just wait till the next day to decide. So they did and we went home and I was just a mess. But I learned a lot from that experience. 
So then Saturday... The 2nd of July... There was a baptism that day for a kid in our ward so we invited the Pain's to come. And they did. After, we went up to them and Sister Pain wanted to talk alone. So we did and she started to get all emotional and Sister Larson and I just looked at each other like, what is going on? And she proceeded to tell us that she felt that true peace that everyone talks about and felt so much love and that she wanted to be a part of it. And that she wants to continue to move forward with the baptism on the 9th. WHAT?? I was dumbfounded. Only God. That was really cool. But we haven't actually heard from them in a while cause something happened and so now we are just waiting to see what's going on. Probably won't happen on the 9th but eventually. Sooner rather than later hopefully. Anyway so that was cool. We also did a Church tour that day for a Hindu family. That was cool.
We had a fun 4th of July. We started the day off with a party with one of our wards. We met the cutest old people ever there. They just become our friends instantly. It was great. Then we had sisters preparation day. We drove to a canyon and did a hike. So that was super fun. I was so dead tired by the end. But it was great. Then for dinner I had Cincinnati style chili. The family made it for me. How sweet are they? It was so good. We also did some pops and little fireworks. So that was super fun too. Good times!
Amy and her kids
Well that is all for me. I am out of time! I will have to send pictures next week! Love you bunches! Hope you had a good fourth!!!

Much love!
Sister Richards
Adventure Time

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