Monday, July 11, 2016

Prove me now herewith June 27, 2016

Okay I have a lot to do so sorry if this is going to be short. But the reason for the title today is because that is what we did this week. We were trying to prove that God has His hand in this work. And He definitely does.

Oh and the quote is very easy... Secondhand Lions... duh
Tuesday was hot hot hot! It was 106 all day and we were trying so hard to find people to talk to but no one was listening. But we did talk to these two guys, Jesse and James. James took a Book of Mormon and we had a good talk about our testimonies. It was great. And it is amazing how much better you feel after you teach someone a piece of the restored gospel. It was good. After dinner we helped this lady move except when we got there, all that was left to do was cleaning. So we did that. And then we had a lesson with a recent convert from last transfer. Those lessons are nothing too special. We are just going over the commandments with him.
Wednesday was cool. We decided to fast that day for Amy. She was really struggling with the Word of Wisdom when we taught it. So we wanted to fast for her to find peace with it. Miracle #1: It was overcast all day so we weren't dying of heat and didn't feel the need to drink so much water. Miracle #2: I wasn't hungry at all and didn't even notice that I was fasting (that never happens to me!). Miracle #3: we found out what Amy's problem was with the Word of Wisdom by asking one question. Miracle #4: we had a really awesome lesson with Sydney, another investigator, and it went great! She really loves us coming to teach her and feels like this is good and won't lead to anything wrong. It was a great comfort to hear that. I have hope for her. Anyway, it was a good day. We also had District Meeting this morning and I had to do a role play. It was pretty good. I learned a lot from doing it, so I guess that's something. And we had fun with Smores (the horse) today. He kept hitting me in the butt, though, when we were brushing him. Not cool. But we also found a new investigator named Angela. She was a referral from a different ward and wanted a Book of Mormon, so we brought her one. Hopefully she comes to find truth.
Thursday was a little rough. But we did find two new investigators so that was awesome. And that was our goal. 3 new investigators for the week. God is real. But we did service in the morning and I was in heaven. I was just having a grand old time organizing clothes by size. I could stay there all day. But my companion was as hungry as a kitten so I had to stop in the middle of it all! Dah! But yeah the two investigators we found are not too solid but you never know!
Friday was not that eventful, it never really is. But we did have a lesson with the Pain's. They are on baptism date for the 9th of July. They are progressing nicely. They still struggle with Joseph Smith but really want to know truth. I think they already do. But I have faith that all will work out for them.
Saturday was a very long day. We talked to a couple of people. We found an Asian named Chris and he took a Book of Mormon so that was really cool. He seems pretty legit. I hope he actually reads it.
Sunday's are always really busy of course. But it was a really good day. A lot of what we talked about was service. I really needed that too. It was a good reminder for me. It was a very contemplative day for me. It was good. We had dinner with the Stohltons and they are so funny. They just made me feel right at home. And the food was dang good. Also people in Colorado think dessert is fruit with whipped cream. I mean I love it and it satisfies but where is the chocolate? Haha just kidding. They are awesome though!
But that was my week. We proved God. And now we need to just keep working hard. Thanks for the prayers! I hope you have a wonderful week! Ok I forgot to tell you that I finally beat Sister Larson in our race to get to bed. But then we stopped cause we were flossing too fast and it was hurting our gums :)
Love you bunches!!

Sister Richards
We matched!  :) Hairstyle and clothes! haha

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