Monday, January 16, 2017

The saga of sweep training November 21

Well this week was an interesting one for sure. I laughed, I cried, it moved me Bob! More like it stressed the crap out of me.
Tuesday was a lot of saying goodbye and packing. I don't know how but I have accumulated too much stuff. I know you are probably not surprised but it's true. Also on that note, I still have 5 cans of chili left over so no need to send me more. I do carry them everywhere with me though :)
Wednesday was a very long day. It was transfer day so I moved back up north and got my companion. Her name is Sister Burke and she is from Oregon. She is super cute and fun. We are still trying to adjust to each other but it's a work in progress. It was a very interesting day. Before I picked her up I looked through the area book and realized that there were no good notes and that we didn't even have a GPS. I realized we were flying blind. So then I totally broke down at the mission office after I picked up my companion cause I was stressed to the max. But there are so many wonderful people that came to my aid that day, so I am super blessed and grateful for the wonderful people in my life right now. I have come to love this mission so much it's going to be hard to leave. I honestly don't even really remember what happened that day cause I was way out of it. But we did have dinner with the sweetest lady ever. Her name is Victoria and she is wonderful. She is so sweet and funny. We already love her so much. And I already loved the area. There are definitely some sketch parts but I find it fun and exhilarating :) But then we just went home so I could figure out our lives and what the heck was going on. 
Thursday was a pretty good day. A little rough start but we had fun. Especially since it snowed that day. The first snow of the year! Yay. I was hoping the snow would wait as long as possible to get here, hoping that I would miss the worst parts of the winter here. But it will be great either way. We met with the RS president and found out that we really are flying blind because they just changed the ward boundaries and the area that we took over was part of the old ward. So no one knows the people in our area. But its been fun trying to figure it all out.
Friday was another pretty good day. We are really just trying to figure out who people are and how we can help them. Our Bishop is pretty awesome so I am excited about that. And this Ward hasn't had Sisters in a really long time so there are a lot of people here that are excited that we are here. We actually met a family, the Gines, and the moment we said we were the new sister missionaries in the area they let us in and the kids just jumped all over us. It was so cute. They are so cool. But it was just a great welcome to the Ward. 
Saturday we had a really cool experience. We found our first new investigator in the area. His name is Carlos and he is pretty cool. He is struggling with his marriage right now and said that he feels like we were meant to meet him that day. It was really cool. That hasn't happened in a long time and so it was just what I needed. And I wrote my testimony in a Book of Mormon and was praying really hard to give it to someone special and God answered my prayer. So I gave him that Book of Mormon and it was just a really great experience. I could feel the Spirit and God's love for him very strongly. I don't know if he will progress but at least I got to share the love. We also had an ice cream social for the Ward to meet all the new members. So there were a lot of people that I don't remember already but there are a lot of people that look really familiar to me too. I feel like I am back in Malley area. It's very similar. But I love it. So that was fun. The Gines kids ran to us to hug us and nearly knocked us down. It was great fun. 
Sunday was a little bit rough. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and didn't really plan well for it. But it was good and the people here are nice. But we've got a lot of work to do. We went to contact a referral in this really scary part of town and it was so funny to me. My companion ran away a couple of times but we made it through. It's probably a bad thing that some things don't really scare me or keep me from going to certain places. But I will leave if I feel like we are unsafe. Other than that, nothing is gonna keep me from trying to talk to people.
So this week was a little crazy but I have hopes that this upcoming one will be even better. 
 Keep the faith and I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving. And be grateful too!!
I am so beyond grateful to be a missionary, to have gone through what I had to to help me grow and become the person I am today!

Much love,   Sister Richards
Kirsten Family

Jensen Family
Chambers Family
Nelson Family
My new companion, Sister Burke

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