Monday, January 16, 2017

Baby it's cold outside November 28, 2016

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!! Ours was pretty good. 
This week was pretty rough, not gonna lie. But I feel that is partially because we are sweeping and have no idea who the Elders were teaching before, along with the Bishop (he also having no idea who the Elders were teaching before) so no help there. But it's been great. Definitely a learning experience. 
Tuesday we had a pretty interesting day. We had District Meeting and that was pretty fun. Our District Leader is Elder Bowers so we think we are going to call our district, the Bow Pow district. It's gonna be great. We have a lot of fun so this is going to be great. We had dinner with this cute old man that told us the cutest love story ever. Its about him and his new girlfriend. It's pretty cute cause they had dated a long time ago and then just recently they both lost their spouse and now they are planning on getting married. It was a fun story. Then we visited with Victoria and she is just amazing and my favorite person ever. She is just great. She is a convert and still just thirsts after knowledge of the Gospel. I love it. So we talked to her about the Plan of Salvation. It was pretty great!
Wednesday was a long day. And it started getting really cold here. But we talked to a lot of people so that was fun. We met this 16 yr old kid that let us talk to him about Jesus and how Christ can help him through anything. He looked like he was about to start crying! So we gave him a Book of Mormon and he read it right after we left. He wont answer us now but at least we were able to help him then. That was cool. Also it was fun because we were at a park so there were lots of people to talk to and I was going to talk to all of them no matter what. So we did and my companion would always just be like, "Sister I don't think..." or "Sister, what are you doing?" But I had fun talking to people in their cars and even those that don't speak English. Good times. We had dinner with a family that loves Ohio and they are my favorite!! It's always nice to know that there is someone that understands my love for Ohio things. Cool story: they made me buckeyes on Sunday and brought them for me. They also told me I did not have to share them with my companion or the Elders... But I did anyway. So many regrets cause now they are all gone. Oh well!! But that night we had a funny experience. Well, I thought it was funny, my companion was not amused. We went to contact a referral and it was like 7:45 at night so it was late and dark. But we knocked on the door and I hear this rustling in the kitchen drawers before this man answers the door but he was hiding something. Yeah he totally got a knife out to answer the door. So funny. But I saw it and made sure he knew we were missionaries right off so it was all good. 
Thursday was turkey day. We had a little zone meeting to go over the new Christmas initiative. This years' is very different. I really loved last Christmas' video. But this one is good too. But then we went to turkey lunch at the Harris'. They are super fun and the food was BOMB!! She made really good mashed potatoes too. The best I have had on my mission but still not as good as homes! :) But then we played some games with them. They had a pie eating contest that I wanted to join in but they did it after I had stuffed myself with chocolate pie. Lame. But it was still fun to watch. They had lots of people there too so it was just like being home. But then we went to hang out with Bishop and his family. That was fun. We taught them Restoration to help Sister Burke practice and it was really great. It just strengthened my testimony of the truthfulness of the restored Gospel on the earth. It truly is the greatest blessing ever! :) Then we visited with President and Sister Mendenhall for a bit since they are in our ward. I just love them. 
Friday was a slow day. I was way out of it and honestly don't even remember much of it. I haven't been sleeping well lately so I don't even know what happened. But we had a really great dinner with the Isom's. They are so cute. Very spiritual family. Love them. 
Saturday was a long day but we got to teach a couple of less active members, one of which gave us chocolate cake. It was divine. They are just sweet old ladies.
Sunday was a pretty good day. Church is great. I love getting that Spiritual boost from Church. And us four missionaries are apparently doing a musical number together cause Bishop said so. He is awesome. But we are singing my favorite, O Holy Night. But i'ts also fun because Elder Wood doesn't know how to sing. He has a great voice but he doesn't know how to sing bass. So it was fun trying to teach him and help him breath right and get the notes right. Elder Wood was probably overwhelmed. But I didn't really realize how much went into singing. It takes a lot. But it is easier when you grow up doing it. Love it. 
So hopefully we get some new investigators and I can keep my head on straight this week. I can't believe it's almost December! Where has the time gone??
But I love it. I love being a missionary and I love this G
ospel. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Much love,
Sister Richards
Updike Family

Madison Family

Cutest girls in the world!

Lybbert Family

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