Friday, January 20, 2017

Howdy hey December 19, 2016

Well I love the tree! And I am glad that you are stress free for even a moment. I hope it lasts a little longer than a moment! You are doing a great job Mom!
Well not much happened this week for real but there were a lot of good highlights!
Monday we had zone preparation day and that was not my favorite. But it was fun. We didn't even take a picture... lame. But we did this gift exchange thing and I was the last one to pick. It was between getting a poop emoji dog toy or chancing it with an unopened gift. I didn't want a poop emoji so I took a chance, and what did I get? A poop emoji key chain. Classic Elders. It was so funny that now I will cherish that poop emoji key chain forever. Haha 
Tuesday was OK. We got to do service at the food bank which was awesome cause I got to see everyone from when I served in Red Leaf. Good times. But this time I can actually lift boxes and people won't make fun of me for my cast and trying to lift boxes and failing. We got to teach a couple of lessons with some less active members that were kind of awkward but such is the life of a missionary. We did meet one less active member from Utah and she just doesn't think it fits her personality. Haven't heard that one before. But we said a prayer with her and she was really grateful because her dad was struggling. God is real. 
Thursday we had our Christmas devotional and this years was not as good as last years. Santa didn't even come. What the poo? But that's OK. I learned a lot from the speakers. And we are doing a new challenge. We are reading the Book of Mormon in 63 days. But I don't have 63 days left on my mission so I am doing it in like 51 or something like that. I am already behind but that is OK. I will do it so help me. But one of the speakers talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and he totally blew my mind with the war in heaven from Revelations 12 I think. And again it's things that I already knew but it just clicked in a different way this time. It was great! Stupid Satan and his angels thought he could beat me? Psych that's the wrong number! Sorry I am really tired and stressed so this is probably not the most appropriate email I have written. But it was really fun. We did this little skit of the angels coming to the shepherds and announcing Christ's birth. It was great! I was the angel of course. 
Friday we had our ward Christmas party. We missed Santa though and that made me sad. But all four of us missionaries did sing my favorite Christmas song and it was wonderful. O Holy Night. And I didn't get as nervous as I usually would so that's good. But a couple of our less active members came and that was fun. 
Saturday was hecka busy. We had a blizzard the night before and so our cars were parked but then by 1 we could drive again. So we dug out our car and headed out. We met a former investigator who knows it's true just doesn't want to change... Whats that aboot? But we could only invite him. Then we had a lesson with Cindi and Jackie about prayer. It was very surface level stuff. There is so much to prayer but it was great. Then we met with Connie Turney and she of course gave us cake. She always gives us food.
Its great! Then we helped Victoria set up her Christmas tree. Its like Christmas threw up on it but she didn't care. So that was fun. She wasn't going to put her tree up but then she had a miracle happen. Her and her husband both lost their jobs and so they didn't want to do Christmas this year but someone dropped off gift cards for her and so she wanted to have Christmas again. So we helped her. It was fun.
Sunday was a pretty good day at Church. Nothing too special. We met with a less active member that just got baptized like 6 months ago. Sad. But their house is crazy and the dog always constantly barks cause they keep him in a cage. Talk about driving me crazy! But after dinner we found a new investigator. Cool story. I knew them from when I was serving in Brighton, which was like over a year ago! They were homeless then and now they are here and have a baby. And we put the husband on date for the end of January so that's exciting. It was just cool to meet them and I didn't actually remember that I had heard about them before until half way through our lesson with him. So that was crazy. But I am just glad that I got out of the car or else we wouldn't have met them. God is real.
So I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Just so you know I will be emailing again this Saturday (Christmas Eve) instead of next Monday so don't expect me to be on. Well, I will talk to you soon! Have a wonderful week and don't forget to light the world.

Much love,
Sister Richards

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