Saturday, January 21, 2017

Surprise!! December 23, 2016

So we are actually emailing today. I know its stupid but I will see you on Sunday! :)
So this week has been a little... weird. 
Monday we found a family and that was so cool. We went to offer help cause he was putting lights up and asked to share a Christmas message and he went to get his whole family. Yay. But they loved it and they were so surprised that we were offering service to people. Weird. So that was cool. We were supposed to see them yesterday but they had a death in the family so that was a bummer. But that is also the perfect time to help people understand the plan of salvation. 
Tuesday we did a lot of service at the food bank. We also got to take a picture with Santa, finally. Then we had a lesson with a less active member and her whole family came over to the house and that means that nothing gets done. But we still managed to get a message shared with them. 
Wednesday we had district meeting and I had to give a training on faith. Which I had so many thoughts going through my head that it was so scatterbrained. And the District Leader gave me a whole hour to do the training.... But it all worked out. And actually I ended up talking too much and we didn't really get to do the role play. But I learned a lot from studying for it so that is great! And we only really skimmed the surface of the topic. We also had a dinner with a member and she brought a friend over so we taught him the plan of salvation. He seemed really interested and even took a Book of Mormon. We also had a little lesson with a lady that just lost her husband. She really just needed to know that God was watching out for her and that He knew of her needs. 
Yesterday was a little bit rough. We did teach a lot of people though. We visited with Sister McCormac and she gave us little Christmas presents, it was so nice. These people are so nice and cute. But we had a really cool lesson with a less active member . Funny story though, I knew her when I served in Red Leaf. I don't remember if I told you that before but we went over to visit her and her husband and it was just really cool. We shared the Christmas video with them and the husband who is not a member almost broke down in tears. It was so powerful. They are so awesome.  I just love them.
Well that is really all she wrote. I will see you guys on Sunday! We will be going over to email probably around 2:30 but I will probably go second so it may not be till 3:30 or 4 my time that I get to Skype. But I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! Love you all!!!

Much love,
Sister Richards

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