Monday, December 7, 2015

Transfers!!! December 7, 2015

Well for starters today is transfers and I have finally left Henderson Ward. It was really sad. That area is my baby. Me and Sister Netherton brought it up from nothing!! But its okay, I know it is in good hands with my last companion. I am now serving in the Malley Ward in the Denver North Stake. Which is actually not very far from my last area but that's OK. It's actually really funny cause I went on exchanges in this area a couple of times before so I kind of know some things about it. My new companion is Sister York, who Sister Tracy was actually training. She came out a transfer after me so its going to be fun. I really think I am going to learn a lot this transfer.
Also how is it already December? When did this happen? Also happy birthday to Scott!! Its crazy how time flies.
But this week was a good week. We ended on a pretty good note. I am going to miss my old district but I am excited for a new adventure. It's going to be awesome! It's so weird being in a new area. Oh well... such is the missionary life, right?
I forgot my old planner so I don't really remember what happened all last week...
Tuesday was a pretty good day. We had quite a lot of lessons and some great service. We shoveled favorite. That's all I got for that day...
Wednesday was so much fun. We had our last district meeting and it was great. We talked about pride,
Behind Sister Mitchell from left to right is: Elder Mork, Elder Porter, Elder Lee, Elder Bird
which is just what I needed. Then we took some funny pictures per the norm. Then we did service at Barr Lake. That was so much fun. We were just cleaning up their shed and moving things around for them but it was so much fun. We got to ride on the back of a truck and oh boy was it cold. Elder Bird and Elder Mork didn't have jackets so that was smart of them. But we just had lots of laughs and good times. Then I actually got my haircut by one of our less active's wife. I will send a picture later. So I thought it was funny that Beth got a haircut too... we are the same person... Mine isn't quite as extreme but I did get 7 inches off so that's cool... That was a good day
Thursday we had such a full day. We had 2 lessons before lunch. We did some service for the Patton farm. We just put up Christmas lights and painted her bathroom. That was fun. And then we had a lesson before dinner and after dinner. And dinner was actually a lesson. It was a pretty great day. Lots of miracles. 
Friday I saw the Gilsons for the last time. They are the best. 
Saturday we had to go to the mission home because Sister Mitchell is follow-up training. So that was fun. I love President and Sister Mendenhall so much! And then we had transfer doctrine so it was fun to see the zone before we all split up today.
Sunday was a rough day for me. I was just so sad to be leaving. I went to all my favorite people. I didn't get to all of them so that made me more sad but it's OK. It was definitely my time to leave that area. 
But that's about all I can remember right now. Thanks for all the love. There will be lots of pictures coming your way! 
I haven't gotten the envelope... no surprise. I don't know why but they just don't like to give me mail. Dumb.
Also that story about Moo is hilarious
Anyway I am so grateful for you and all the love and support you show me. I hope you have a wonderful week.
Much love from Colorado!!

Sister Richards

Chris and Stella

Scott and Stella Stanton.  She is the one who cut my hair.

The Gilsons
Mary Patik and Lil Troch are sisters and they are just so much fun!!

The Penningtons
The Michaelsons

The Jones Family

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