Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ho Ho Hello December 14, 2015

Well this week was a pretty good week! New transfer, new companion, new area, new house, new baby pool... So its pretty great. Change is good. Sometimes it stinks but it is very good.
First off I did get your green letter and card. Thanks so much! And I was going to tell you that you could send my package straight to my apartment for Christmas but you guys are just too good. Oh well. Hopefully it will still get to me. The mail service is rather poopy. Oh well. I will give you my address anyway just in case. 
This week has been filled with lots of finding and talking to people so that I can get to know them so that has been fun. A little overwhelming but its a great learning experience. 
Wednesday was awesome. We had a little Christmas devotional thing where we all got together and just talked about Christmas. We also had a guess speaker and it was so cool. It was Paul Anderson and his wife Tracy. Paul is a member of the Piano Guys in case you didn't know. So it was just really cool to hear his story of how they got started and all the miracles that they had when filming their videos. It was really cool. He also showed us a couple and they were just awesome. I loved it. It was also fun cause I got to see some people from my last zone and district and so it was great to see them again. We also did skits and got to sing songs with Santa and take pictures. It was just great fun and it was a great reminder of what Christmas is all about. Christ! It was a great time.

Thursday we had zone meeting. It was so weird being in a different zone with Elder Bird again as my zone leader. But we had some great trainings about doing the impossible. It really puts things in perspective. With God, all things are possible. We had a couple lessons with some less-actives so that was good. The people here really struggle and it just breaks my heart a little. But it's great that I can try and help people find peace in Christ and receive the gospel. What a great work this truly is. 
Friday was very humbling. We did service at a food bank and it is just crazy how many people came in for food. It kind of reminded me of the St. Agnes' food pantry. I loved doing that. But then we met with a recent convert named John Sepp. He has some really funny stories. He used to be a detective back in the day and he has a picture with Mohammad Ali so that is pretty cool. I would tell you the story he told us but its rather inappropriate. But he is great. He loves the gospel so much and it truly makes him happy. Its so cool to actually see it. He didn't even want to talk to us that day but once we got in and started talking about the gospel he was happy. It was awesome. Then we had our ward Christmas party. It was cool. We were in charge of a station and we just talked about Christ's birth and how Christ is the center of Christmas so it was really cool. 
Friday was filled with sooooo much finding. Such is my life. No one wanted to talk to us though. But that's ok. We still tried. That night there was this Christmas choir concert thing going on that we went to cause there were going to be lots of non-members. It was really cool. The Colorado Mormon choir was the best. We missed my favorite songs though cause we had to leave early for an appointment. But it was still really great. There was a Lutheran choir that sang a song I sang in Chorale so it was kind of cool to hear. (I think we were better though). But it was great. 
Yesterday was good. Church was pretty good. learned a lot about faith so it was great. We had some great miracles too. We were knocking on doors in this one place trying to find this girl and we knocked on one door and the door next to it opened up and it was a little boy that was at the Christmas party that is not a member. We had no idea that he lived there but it was just cool that we were able to find him when we weren't even trying to. And he and his mom seem really interested so that was cool.
Anyway that was my week. Thanks for everything you all do for me. I love you all. I hope you have fun at the Richards Christmas party. Eat lots of food and popcorn balls for me. Man I will miss those. Hope you have a wonderful week and always remember why Christ was born for you!! 

Much love,
Sister Richards

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