Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas time is here.....December 21, 2015

Ok I know that it is not Christmas quite yet and that I will actually get to talk to you on Christmas but I couldn't resist! :)
Sounds like the Richards Christmas party was fun. And I am glad to hear that we won the volleyball game. As we should every year. Haha
Also I almost died when I read what you said about the house smelling. Good one mom. 
This was a pretty good week. It snowed like crazy on Tuesday so our cars were parked. Which meant that we had to walk everywhere. But my companion was actually sick that day so we didn't even have to go out. But, holy cow, it was a blizzard and Colorado doesn't know how to plow their streets. My companion is from Vegas so she was freaking out about the snow. And she is just lucky that I know how to drive in the snow or we might be dead. They only plow the main streets so everywhere else has like 2 feet of snow just chillin there on the streets. It was terrible to drive in the next day. And I am so tired of driving in it. It's annoying. But I'm just grateful that I can drive in it or we would probably be dead. 
Wednesday was a good day. We got to visit this guy that hasn't been active but it was a really spiritual experience. We were just trying to get to know him and he started to get really emotional about his testimony. It was really cool. God is real. The Spirit works. Also miracle of the day--we got stuck in a pile of snow, that I knew we would get stuck in but I went for it anyway and this random guy came and helped us out. It was very nice of him. 
Thursday was an even better day. We got to go sing Christmas songs at a nursing home and it was just a blast. Old people are great. And I just love singing so it was good fun. We also got in with a couple of people that we haven't been able to for a while so that was a miracle.
Friday we did our usual food bank service. We got some good cinnamon rolls out of that. But I just gave them away cause I was going to be sick if I ate all of them. Also I ate an entire cake by myself in like 15 mins so I was going to die if I had more sweets! It was some good cake though. We had a great lesson with a less active member and she is doing so much better. This gospel is so amazing. Seeing the difference it makes in peoples lives just blows my mind. I love it. We had another lesson where the Spirit was just so strong and my companion totally rocked it. This lady had so many questions and it was just so cool. She had her questions confirmed while we were praying so it was really cool. God is real. And then we had another lesson and she is so cool too cause she feels a difference and is trying to find the Spirit more in her life. I love when people are actually working to come back. Its cool to see. 
Saturday was okay. Lots and lots of finding. We met with a lady that really wants to come back to church and wants her children to get baptized so I am excited to be working with them to help them all. And then we met with a little boy that is trying to decide if he wants to be baptized and it was just a really good lesson. The Spirit was there and I think he is really going to think and pray about getting baptized. It's gonna be awesome!! 
Yesterday was the Christmas program and it was so cute. Lots of good music and cute children. And so many people came to Church that normally don't so it was good. Also John Sepp, the one I told you about last time, thinks I look like Reba... Awko-taco. He is also sort of blind. Literally. So that was funny to hear. And he puts characters with people and said I was the smiling one. I thought that was nice. It made me happy. 
Anyway so Christmas day... I don't know if it is going to be Facetime or Skype or what time for sure yet. But it might be between 4-6pm my time. I don't really know. Sorry. The members we are doing it at haven't gotten back to us about what time we could come over but yeah. Hopefully you will be home when I call.... I can't wait to talk to you and the fam. It's gonna be great!!!!
Oh also I got the package! And I got something form Aunt Jan too so that was nice. 
I hope you got my letter but I hope you all remember Christ this Christmas and what He has done for each of you personally. I am so grateful that I get to share the gospel during this time with others.
I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will talk to you soon!!! :)

Much love,
Sister Richards

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