Wednesday, January 13, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!....January 4, 2016

How weird is it that it is 2016?? Let me tell you, its weird. And I definitely missed having our cute little family party on new years eve...
This week was a little bit of a rough one but there were lots of miracles and good things learned so it was all worth it I guess.
Tuesday we had quite a few lessons. It was kind of cool. But we went on exchanges that night a little early cause we had a lesson planned at the time that we would normally exchange. But for some reason I was terrified to go on exchanges. I am not super familiar with this area yet even though I have been here for 5 weeks now...awkward. But the lesson was good. Sad but good. She thinks Jesus hates her. But then we found out that she is not all there, so sad. Being a psych major is really helpful sometimes...
So Wednesday was really awesome. It was definitely Spirit led. And I actually had fun and laughed so there was nothing to be scared of. But I was with Sister Wick in my area. I don't have a picture sorry. Maybe next time I will. We did some service at a thrift store and that was fun. We were just organizing racks of clothes but the inner OCD in me was dying cause I wanted to finish them all!! Oh well, but it definitely brightened my day. I love service! Then after lunch we were totally in the right place at the right time and it was awesome. We were trying to get in contact with a less active member and they were not home but we saw a girl across the street standing outside of her house so we went to talk to her. She had been locked out of her house and didn't have her phone, so we helped her call someone to come unlock her house. So we just decided to wait with her and just so happened to share the restoration with her. It was really cool. She is super open to everything but we handed her off to YSA... dumb. Oh well. That was a cool experience none the less. Then we gave someone a jump and they said that they wouldn't mind having missionaries over so that was cool. Later that day I realized that we had already tracked into that house and found a potential, so I guess we were just supposed to see them. But then we went knocking on doors and the first door we knock on we taught him the restoration. He was so cool. He is just looking for peace and hope and so it was just great that we could share some joy with him. He is going to work out in the ocean for 3 months though so that is a bummer. But we gave him a Book of Mormon so he has plenty to read :) Those are just the highlights of that day but it was awesome. But I also realized that I have a lot I need to work on. But that is OK. That's life right?
Thursday was good. Not much happened cause we had to go in early for obvious reasons. But that morning we had a whole mission meeting. It was super good and really cool to see all the missionaries in my mission. It is a lot smaller than I thought but still super cool. I learned a lot about being the best me and remembering who I represent. It was just very eye opening and made me think about a lot of the things that I need to work on. It was just really good. I also got to see everyone that I know in the mission so far so that was super fun. It was really good to see everyone from my old zone and even from my MTC district. They are all super cool. It was super good to see everyone. But then we went to help someone move out and that was a little interesting. The guy actually kicked us out after an hour. Didn't really want our help after all. But that is pretty much all that happened that day. We didn't really do anything fun when we went home.... yes we are lame. Also I am so lame cause I have just been spacing taking pictures lately... It makes me sad. 
Friday I got super sick so that is all that needs to be said about that. We just stayed in all day...
Saturday was way rough... We did find a couple of potentials but other than that we just struggled. And we did have a lesson with our 9 yr old investigator but he just isn't progressing and it is very sad. 
But that is about all folks. Until next time!!
Hope you are all having a great new year so far and hope that you have made lots of good goals to look forward to. 

Much love,
Just waiting for our Sister Training Leaders
Sister Richards

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