Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ending on a high note!! (No pun intended).....January 19, 2016

Well I am glad that your talk is over and that you are no longer having scary dreams! Also I loved the pictures from the Temple. I miss going there so often!
My time is short but I will do my best to tell you about how amazing this week was. 
We basically found a new investigator every day. The week started off a little rough but then by Wednesday, I kicked myself in the butt and it was great. Wednesday we had district meeting and it was really awesome. We talked about following the Spirit and did some really great role plays. Awesome stuff here. We also taught a ton of people. 
So one of our new investigators is Deber. She is awesome. She is just soaking everything up and reading and praying and I think she is finding that this is all true... cause it is!!! I just love teaching her.
Another is Marissa and Ezekiel, her son. She used to be a Seventh Day Adventist and it is just way too hard, so she is looking for peace and comfort. Why not find it at our Church? But she is just awesome and willing to go to Church to check it out!! And her son is so legit. He loves God, as most children do. He was actually the one that kept telling us to come back. But then we found his mom at the right time. Great family.
Then Sean is 21 and just really needs to get his life in order. Really cool. We were talking to him and it was just the first lesson and he was smoking and asking a ton of questions. So he asked about smoking and when we said we don't do that, he put the cigarette out immediately. So awesome! 
Then we have Danika. She is soooo ready. She is looking for a family centered community and something that she can feel like she can talk to people and know people. She was Catholic so just looking for change and is so ready.
So tomorrow is transfers (they changed to Wednesdays) and I am actually getting transferred. It is really sad because I don't think I am done with this area yet. But I am excited for a new adventure. My new companion is going to be Sister Hudson. Don't know anything about her.  I am going to Crestmoor Ward in Aurora. So this is going to be fun.
Anyway I wish I had more time but I love you all and I pray for you everyday!! Keep the faith. God is good. Too many things have happened for me to deny that. Have a wonderful week. 

Much Love,  Sister Richards

I love prairie dogs and they are everywhere here, I just die

It's what I do.  So I have this thing where I love to stand on chairs.... and Sister York made me a cake yum

our cute little elves from our zl's

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