Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Laughter is a wonderful thing.....December 28, 2015

Well hello!!! It was really good to see you and talk to you on Friday. I felt like I was home again, it was great! Family is the best.
I didn't really get to tell you about my week but it was amazing. It was a good Christmas week. The Christmas Spirit is real. We laughed so much and talked to so many people. It was truly amazing. Great week!
Monday we had zone pday and we went bowling! It was so much fun. I totally beat my team the first round. But by the end, Elder Bird and I were tied.... So close to winning... Oh well. When we were leaving, the manager, who is a member, stopped us and said that we could have free bowling every Monday if we just tell them his name. That was super cool. So basically we are just going to go bowling every pday now. Haha. Oh and we also did this white elephant thing. That was really fun. I got this big foot call thing. It was funny. That got passed around a bit. In fact there were two of them so now the zone leaders have them both. So funny. I got those capsule things that you put into water and they grow. Those are still cool by the way!
Tuesday we met with this family that are less active members and they were thinking about moving to Ohio for his job. So that mad me super happy.
Wednesday was so fun. We had district meeting and I had to give another training. Luckily it was only supposed to be a five minute thing so it was all good. We met with a less active member that cant come to church cause her family won't let her. It was so sad but she still finds so much joy in this gospel, it's great. We also met with a family and that was a very interesting experience. One of her kids was seriously being the devils advocate. He didn't want us there and was doing everything possible to cause problems. But we made it through the lesson and when I was talking about the first vision, all was quiet for once. It was really cool. But we also left feeling not so good about it. It was hard to teach with such a negative force coming at you. But she still wants to keep learning and coming back to church. That night we went caroling and it was so much fun. We also had a really cool experience. We were going up to this house and one person didn't want to cause it smelled like weed but we were like, everyone could use some Christmas cheer. So we knocked and no one came to the door but we saw them in the window. So we just decided to start singing anyway and they finally came to the door. And it was a woman and her daughter and the mother just started to cry and was just looking at our name tags. When we were done she told us that her husband had just passed away and asked if anyone sent us. So we took that opportunity to let her know that our message is one that can bring her peace. And she said that missionaries could come back. It was so cool. The power of music is real. God is real. 
We talked to so many people on Christmas Eve. It was a good day. We had to come in early so we watched Joy to the World and the Testaments. It was really cool and a great thing to remind us about the true meaning of Christmas. It was a powerful thing. 
Christmas of course was so good. We got to spend it with so many people. We had breakfast with the Thompsons and they taught us a game called Dutch Blitz. It's basically Nertz so I was in heaven. And I almost won. Anyway it was just great to spend it with families and it was so good to see everyone! I love you all!! 
I hope you had such a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the time you have with family
Much love!!

Sister Richards

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