Monday, August 15, 2016

God is good! August 8, 2016

What a week it has been. But first let me just tell you those pictures are bomb. That sounded like a freaking awesome party. I want to go. Can we do it again when I come home?? Sounds super fun. And Owen is so presh! Love it!
Back to the week...
Monday we had sisters pday (preparation day) and it was pretty awesome. We went to our members home that has a theater in their basement and watched Legacy. That movie is good let me tell you. I was crying like a little baby. But then we played some great games like Russian twister and human knot. Good times. It's a good thing we all like each other right? So that was awesome.
Tuesday we were on exchanges and I was with Sister Tracy again. Good times. We had lots of fun together. But the day was pretty terrible. So that's all I'm going to say about that. Oh, we got a waffle maker from June, the lady we helped, and we make waffles all the time now and it's awesome! I love waffles.
Wednesday was awesome! Mainly because we got to go to the Temple. And I am sorry, I am a poo poo head cause I forgot the names... again. I was really upset with myself. But hopefully in November, I won't forget... again. Sorry. But I had a really cool experience in the Temple. We didn't even make it to the Endowment session. I was in the chapel and God spoke to me--through the scriptures, of course, but it was like he was right there. I was just praying to feel something and get answers to my prayers and I opened randomly to Doctrine and Covenants 6:15 [Behold, thou knowest that thou hast inquired of me and I did enlighten thy mind; and now I tell thee these things that thou mayest know that thou hast been enlightened by the Spirit of truth;] and I was just overcome with God's love and the knowledge that God knows me. It was really just what I needed. I just love that section though. I read the rest in the Celestial room and it just hit me again. God spoke to me. So that was awesome! Not a lot happened that day but the Temple made it all worth it. 
Thursday was pretty awesome too. We had district meeting and that was so good. It was Elder Bird's last district meeting and he gave an amazing training on finding joy in the work. There is already joy in this Gospel and in serving the Lord, we shouldn't be bringing worldly joy into the work. It kind of changed my life. So since it was his last district meeting, we made him a candy gram. I also made a no bake bird head cookie. The best part was his reaction though. He was really grateful that we did something for him. It was sad at the same time though. After that meeting we were all so pumped and just felt the love. So we went to work and talked to these two guys and it was really cool. They listened. They didn't want to continue learning but I feel like the Spirit was there and we did our job of inviting them so. But they were so nice. Then we found a new investigator. He is not very serious and is actually moving in a couple of days so... But then we had the most powerful lesson with Benji we have ever had. I don't know if I have told you about him but he likes to push my buttons. And he wont pray about the Book of Mormon so that is super frustrating. But we were in a member's home this time so he was on his good behavior. And we talked about the importance of prayer. It was so cool. The Spirit was there and we were calm and he really listened. AND he committed himself to read and pray before we did. So cool. And he said the prayer at the end and it was the best prayer we have heard from him yet. It was way cool. He was actually serious. It was great. So we are going to try and work on him hard for the next couple of weeks to get him to find his answers and gain that testimony he needs to be baptized. Hopefully, if it be God's will, he will soon.
I am going to skip to Saturday. We were tracting our lives away and it was hot, hot, hot. But we taught these two kids about the Plan of Salvation and they became new investigators too. Again, not super solid but who knows, only God. But the cool part was actually when we met John Gibbs. It was a very interesting meeting. He was very bipolar. First he was nice, and then he was like, "girls, get to reality", and then he was crying. What? But let me tell you, God is real and the Spirit works wonders. He didn't become a new investigator or anything but it was still a really awesome experience. The Spirit was so strong when we were talking to him. His wife just got diagnosed with breast cancer and he was really struggling to know that God is there for him and that he cares. And I made a silent promise to God that I would tell everyone when I felt God's love for them and boy did he need to know that. So moral of the story is that God cares, He knows us and He loves us all personally and individually. God is good. We also went to June's church that day. That was very eye opening. Very interesting. Kind of strange but still fun. I do love Christian rock music so that was good. But I learned a lot. 
Sunday is always a good day. Gotta love 6 hours of Church! But we always see Brother Ogden and Sister Grieves, his daughter, on Sundays and that is always a delight. We are going into Revelation and that is very eye opening... when I can understand what its talking about. But we love going over there.
So I learned a lot this week and I love my Savior. Christ is so amazing and I love being able to share him with others. 
I hope you have a great week! Remember Christ and know God loves you!

Much love, 
Sister Richards


Sister Wilcox at the Temple.  I just love her!

Yes, a prairie dog:)

Bird Cookie

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