Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Another one for the books August 15, 2016

Well folks, this week was a rough one. I log that away. But that's the life sometimes. And I have decided that missionary work is really rough in the summer.
Anyway, we had zone pday (preparation day) on Monday and that was bomb diggity. We played a bunch of minute to win it games and I totally won the one with catching marshmallows in a cup on my head. It was pretty great! I was pretty proud of myself. But it was really fun. We also played some good old volleyball. Oh how I have missed that game. 
Tuesday was... kind of hard for me. But not in a bad way. We just lost a good missionary in the mission that day. It is really weird. But we had some good fun doing service at the Task Force. I just love organizing. It makes me happy. But the rest of the day was just a lot of finding... We did run into this LA (less active member) that doesn't think that he is a member and didn't even know what the Church was... So that was interesting but he invited us back, so that's awesome!
Wednesday we did more service and that is always good. I have to tell you a story about Smores (the horse) though. He farted on me!! So rude. I was just brushing him down and I was getting close to his bum and he just lifted his tale and let one rip right in my face. I mean really? But we had dinner with the cutest family ever. They are just my favorite. Except I have too many favorites. But the best part of the day was when we got to teach the Laurels class about missionary work. It was so much fun. It just got me thinking about how much I have learned on my mission so far and how great the work really is. And it made me want to be a youth again. Those were simpler times. And so much fun.
Thursday we had a pretty bomb zone meeting. It really got me thinking about the blessings we miss out on by not being obedient. And that is crazy. I also had to give a training and that went terribly. My brain was just not working. But the rest of the trainings were really good. The last one was just that we need to give it our all! Be all in. It was awesome! Good meeting.
Friday was so awesome! We talked to so many people and we actually tried to apply what we learned in zone meeting and it was awesome. We were getting real creative with our approaches. You really have to though. If you do the same thing every time, your gonna get the same results. We even taught two lessons that day. They didn't become new investigators but it was good to teach. It's been pretty dry here lately. But I guess its the drought before the storm right?
Saturday was a very long day with a whole lot of nothing but rejection. But we had Stake Conference and
We are missionaries :)
it was so amazing. The Spirit was so strong there and we even had Benji come. He loved it. Our Mission President spoke and basically told all those that were in the meeting that aren't members to think more about baptism. And Benji talked to them at the end and it was way cool. Benji has come a long way. Still has a way to go but hopefully prayers will be answered and he will stop thinking and do it. So it was a really good meeting. Just a lot about missionary work and how we are to be like the Shepherd. 
Sunday was a lot about the Temples and how important they are. And we taught a couple of active members. I love those members. The Nelsen's are just the coolest. They love to do missionary work and they just invite and talk to everyone! And then the Ogden's/Grieves, they have a special place in my heart. We just go and read scriptures with them but it always leads to uplifting conversation. It's great.
So, sorry this is not the greatest email ever but nothing really is going on right now. I'm hoping this week gets a little better at least. But let me just tell you though that being a missionary is great. So much fun. Being an instrument in the hands of the Lord is my glory and my joy is in those small moments when you see someone being helped by the Gospel. This really is a great work!
I hope you have a great week! Good luck with the calling mom. You got this! 

Much love,
Sister Richards

We have some good fun

 I wasn't feeling good and my companion thought this was a good idea.... I think not...

This little girl made this for us. Its us with her. She is so cute.

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