Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What fer? There's only three little ones? August 1, 2016

This is June:)
OK, my companion and I have been quoting Seven Brides for Seven Brothers so much lately and it just
makes me smile. Love that movie!

Anyway this week was a pretty good one. Kind of slow still but we are getting there. 
Tuesday we met this really cool lady that just proved to me that God will put people in our path. She was super open to listening and when she asked what was different and we told her, she was like, OK that's different. That was pretty cool. She totally just was open to everything and it was great! 
Wednesday we found a new investigator. He got invited to the Temple open house and so we are doing a little Temple prep thing with him and that is pretty awesome! He is super cool and super open to everything and wants to always feel God's love. Temple is the perfect place for that. 
Thursday I had to give a training on receiving referrals. That was actually really good. I learned a lot preparing for it if no one else did. But then we did some service for this crazy funny lady. She is quite the hoot. I will tell more later about her. We had a lesson with Shirley the super sweet old lady. She was so confused and that was so sad but she is still willing to listen
and learn. So that's awesome! 
Friday we did lots of service for June, the crazy lady. It was really fun because the Elders came to help and she was just all over them. So funny. 
And then Saturday was a lot of helping her again. That took forever. 
Sorry this is so short and lame. I am short and lame on time and my brain can't function. 
I guess all you need to know is that we did some work and had fun doing it. 

Much love,
Sister Richards

Ps I did get the cards and now that I think about it, I think I remember getting some in May too... oops
Also what is this new Harry Potter book that I keep hearing about?

She likes to hold my bad handle for some reason... I don't understand

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