Friday, October 21, 2016

The winds of change! August 22, 2016

Well, it's transfers but it doesn't feel like transfers cause Sister Larson and I are staying together for another transfer in Parker. This is so unheard of for me. But it's gonna be good. But let me tell you about this very awesome week!
Monday we got to go to the Fort Collins Temple open house. They did a special tour for the missionaries in our mission to take their investigators up to the open house. It was so good. It took the whole day but it was totally worth it. We took Benji with us and he loved it. The temple is so pretty and the Spirit there was just amazing. I was getting excited with just being on the grounds. So good.
Tuesday we had a good day. We had a lesson with Maria. I don't know if I have told you about her. She is Catholic but is a very spiritual person and very sensitive to the Spirit. She actually texted us that day and basically dropped us but we decided to go teach her anyway. So we went and actually taught the Restoration and she said she needed to read more and pray about it before she dropped us. So that was a miracle. And a blessing. We also had the funniest dinner ever with the Crawford's. It was like being home. The two girls just reminded me of me and the Phat sisters doing what we do. Like that one time I was telling that story of when I got really sick while we were home for one of the funerals. Remember that? Anyway it was just super chill and we just laughed and laughed. It was great.
Wednesday was kind of not so eventful. We did lots of service and said lots of unnecessary goodbyes to Smores. Haha. But we did get to talk to a lot of people. We actually met a member that we had put down to go see but then decided not to. So I guess we needed to see them so God brought them to us. That was cool. We also had a lesson with a less active member and that was very interesting. It has been a long time since I have actually taught a less active member. But he is a very interesting one. He served a mission but then after he just stopped going to Church one day. He said he doesn't really know why but he always had questions that he was not getting answers to. So it was interesting. I think he just stopped doing the basics and let his doubts win. Stupid Satan. He is not interested in coming back anytime soon but he says that he is still Mormon cause that's how he grew up and it's a part of who he is. So that was confusing. Maybe one day.
Not much happened on Thursday. Just District Meeting. And that was good. Actually we did have kind of a cool experience. We met a less active member, finally, that just found out that he was getting a divorce, which is no bueno. But he told us that we were the second ones to show up that day from the Church. It's a sign bro, come back to Church. Anyway he was so nice and was even trying to give us referrals but just isn't ready to walk through the doors yet. I have hope for him someday. 
Friday was great! We got called to help out with the Temple open house. They needed more sisters to help so they called us to help. It was a little stressful because we got called after they did training but it was really great. We just got to talk to people and I saw a lot of members from my past areas so that was really awesome! That took all day :)
Saturday was the miracle day of the week. We did some service with horses again (why?!). But then we didn't really have a lot of time to do anything. But we did have time to have a lesson with Benji and put him on date for baptism!! Woot woot! It was really cool. We were just talking and asking about how things are going and then I just asked him to be baptized and he said yes. It was so simple. Why did it take so long? But he really has come a long way and is progressing well. So that is great! And now we are going to still be here to see him get baptized! We are so excited for him. September 24th here we come!
Well, that is our week. I feel things are changing for this next transfer and we are going to be on fire. I love you all and I love being able to see the difference the Gospel makes in people's lives. It truly does make a difference and this really is the truth!
Live long and prosper!

Much love,
Sister Richards

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