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Yes, time flies! September 12, 2016

Last Temple Day.  It was very windy...
You are totally right Mom, time does fly indeed. So I will tell you about the time we had this week!
I will start with Wednesday. We had an amazing Zone Conference. It was really fun too cause all the Sisters were in the same meeting because of the Temple open house help we have been doing. So I got to see all of my companions in one meeting. Sadly didn't take a picture but it was great. There were also some really great musical numbers too. Gotta love those harmonizing skills. But let me tell you some things that I learned. The biggest thing I learned is how important love is in doing the Lord's work. Love is the driving force. But it's not just love for the people we teach but also love for the Gospel and for Jesus Christ, and the difference between love, the noun, and love, the verb. Something else that was really prominent to me was being a disciple of Jesus Christ. I'm trying to be like Jesus. What would Jesus do? It was all just very good and eye opening. Our President's son was our guest speaker. That was awesome! He mainly talked about no regrets on the mission and working hard. Really great! I learned a butt ton! So that was a really good meeting. And everyone sang happy birthday to me so that's a plus! :)
Not much happened on Thursday. We got to meet with one of our investigators, Danielle. She even fed us dinner so that was awesome! She is so sweet! She is kind of hard to read right now but hopefully she reads the Book Of Mormon and prayers and just feels the Spirit so hard. That's basically the highlight of that day.
Friday was our last day at the Temple open house, which is where I sent those pictures to you! Did you get the one with me and my companion? Anyway that was super fun. On the way up to the Temple I was just thinking that it would be really cool if I could see someone from Henderson there and lo and behold God answers prayers. I got to see Sister Gilson! She is seriously my favorite. I just love her so much and I was so happy to have seen her. But we also got to go through the Temple one last time with President and Sister Mendenhall actually so that was awesome! We had an interestingly unpleasant experience though after dinner. We tried by a less active member's  house and no one answered so we went somewhere else but then I felt like we should go back to that same street and try the corner house. I didn't know what I was doing but nothing came of it. But as we were walking back to our car to go home, we saw the lights on in the house of the less active member we had tried previously. So we knocked on it again and you could hear lots and lots of screaming. It was hurting my soul. So they finally answered and we, of course, got yelled at. But I wish they would have just listened. We had a solution for them that no amount of screaming was going to take care of. So that was just an interesting experience for me and I learned something from it, even though she yelled at us and rejected us.
Sunday we had ward conference in one of our wards and it was amazing. I again learned a lot about love
Beautiful Sunset
and being a disciple of Christ. It was really good. And to look at the little miracles and tender mercies that happen every day! They are there, we just have to look for them and be grateful for them. Oh and there was a musical number that was to die for. I was blown away. We actually taught his daughter after church and just talked all about singing. I think he was in Vocal Point once. But he just didn't want to tell me. But he told me to keep singing, which of course I will do. Its the best! :)
Anyway that was our week. Not much happened but I learned a lot. And I will definitely pray for those people. Thanks for all the love and support! I hope you all have a great week. I will leave you with something to remember. Comparing yourself to a pencil, remember 1. that everywhere you go you leave a mark. 2. you can always correct your mistakes 3. the inside or core is the most important part and what matters 4. you have to go through painful sharpening but its to make you better and 5. you must allow yourself to be guided by the person that holds you. Think about that one!

Much love,
Sister Richards
Beautiful Sunset

My MTC district together at zone conference. Well at least the ones that came out with me.

Parker Zone plus Elder Coberly

Last Temple Day--Sister Mendenhall

So I hurt myself this morning. My closet cut out a huge chunk of my finger today. But don't worry, superman made it all better. My hero! :)

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