Friday, October 28, 2016

#bless September 19, 2016

Well this week has been a pretty good one. Lots of miracles and fun times were had.
Before I begin I forgot to tell you something that I found out last week that made my day. Allison got baptized! I don't know if you remember her but she was the one Sister Hudson and I found right before my car accident. I am a little sad they didn't invite me to her baptism but I am so excited for her. She is awesome!
Tuesday we did a mission wide car fast and so we were biking for most the day. We had a lot of fun, for the most part. Nothing too miraculous happened that day but I think we were blessed later for it. We talked to a lot of people and it was a nice day for biking. We even handed out a Book Of Mormon and ran into the cutest lady and her son who are now new investigators. So that is pretty cool. I will talk about them later though! But here was the not so fun part for me. I don't know if you know this about me but I don't really like being wet in the rain. Sometimes it's fun. But when you have to bike 30 mins home in pouring rain, not so fun. I am kicking myself though cause if we would have started heading home when I was prompted to, we would not have been so wet and cold and sore. But alas, we got soaked. And I actually felt pretty sick from that so that was not fun. But looking back on it I can laugh a little. We got to visit with Benji after that so that was good. He is doing so well and is so excited to be baptized this Saturday! He has a countdown. It's so cute. He is already a great member missionary too!
Not much happened on Wednesday except some service. Except I think I am allergic to horses cause my allergies go crazy when ever we go through. JK I know its the dust and stuff but I will blame the horses. Speaking of, I have tried like 5 different medications and nothing is helping my allergies. So now I just have this cronic stuffy nose that is driving me insane... 
Thursday we had a pretty bomb zone meeting. I learned a lot. And our zone leaders got us matching zone t-shirts so that is pretty fun. Also I found out that Sister Dennis is now in Parker. Sadly because of and ET but I am excited that she is closer to me. And I get to see her today because of zone pday! Woot woot! But we got to teach one of our less active members and she is such a sweetheart. I just feel so bad for her. Her family is super anti and don't know that she got baptized and she feels like she is living a double life. Its so sad. So we ended up talking a lot about the Atonement and boy am I grateful for that. When we can learn how to personally tap into the power of the Atonement, we are free. And it is so personal because everyone has their own personal relationship with God, and thank goodness for that. We also found a new investigator, Jackie. We actually tracted into her like two months ago but finally got to teach her. She actually has a lot of the same beliefs as us and so hopefully she makes time for the Gospel to learn more. 
Friday was a long day of contemplation and realization for me. And I realized that Satan is very sneaky and powerful, when we let him be. And I also learned that the little things are so important to do. Little acts of kindness and obedience go a long way. And there are a ton of scriptures to support that. 
Saturday was a pretty good day. I was having an off day and had the tendency to say really awkward things but that's OK. That was when we got to visit with Shea and Sabian, the two we ran into on Tuesday. They have the coolest story. Well, it's not that cool, but very inspiring to me. They came from Alabama and their adventure to get here is crazy. They have been through so many hard things just to get here but they still love God and know he is watching out for them. And Sabian is 10 and is just so adorable. But I love to hear the stories of those people that go through so much and basically have nothing but are as happy and content as they can be. They are truly humble. And it's a lesson I need to learn everyday. So they are awesome!
Sunday was a fun day. We had the primary program in one of our wards and Shea and Sabian came to Church. They were really overwhelmed so I don't think they had the best experience but hopefully that doesn't deter them from learning. We also talked all about marriage in both Relief Society meetings. Fun
stuff. We also had a great lesson with Benji at the Ogdens again. They are just the best. There are some really great people here. And I just love them!
Well this week is probably going to be a stressful one with getting ready for Benji's baptism but I am so excited for him. He has come so far!
Anyway keep being disciples of Christ and loving God. Love to you all!

Much love,
Sister Richards

Soaking wet after.....

Benji got us razors:) haha

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