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distraction September 26, 2016

Ok I am going to warn you right now, this may not be the best email because my brain is so distracted and I can't think about what happened this week but I will do my best! Oh and I forgot to send pictures last week so I will send those too! :)
But first, BENJI GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was such a good baptism. We sang a song that didn't really come out as well as when we practiced it. Struggle. But it was so good. He was so excited to be there and to be baptized. He was held under for like a whole minute so that was kind of scary but he loved it. It was so good. God is real and this Gospel is true!
Anyway Tuesday was a pretty normal day of not much happening! Yay. 
I got to mow a lawn this week and it made my day! 
Wednesday we got to do a lot of service and see Shea and Sabian. That was an interesting lesson. They are so sweet but they aren't too sure about this Church. It's really sad they had a terrible experience at Church but they said they were not going to give up yet. Except they didn't come to Church and said they might not want to meet anymore. Dumb Satan. But we had a great dinner with a new family in the Ward and they were telling us some funny stories about President Hinckley and President Monson. They are funny. We also had a great lesson with a less active member, Sarah. She is so amazing. She is just like a golden investigator. We just talked about the Atonement and it really just made me think about how important the Atonement is and how we go through the things we go through to learn to rely on our Savior. I can't really describe what I learned but it was amazing. 
Thursday we got to go on exchanges and that was so much fun. I got to be with Sister Kastner and we didn't really take pictures but it was great. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I always learn a lot about my purpose when I am with her. And we always have something go wrong. This time we couldn't get into the building to get the bikes so we had to wait for awhile. That was fun. But we talked to a lot of people and it was just awesome. I miss having people to talk to. So that was great. And I got to use my psychology brain so that was fun:)
Friday was crazy awesome. We got to teach a lot of people and got a new investigator. Suhweet!! He is a Christian Indian so that is cool.
Filling the font
Saturday was crazy busy. We, of course, had Benji's baptism and that was awesome. And then we got lost trying to find a President's house and that was quite an adventure. We also got to go to the Women's Broadcast and that was ok. I didn't really learn a lot from that but it's always a blessing to hear from our leaders. And we found a new investigator. He is an old Asian man and his wife just died recently so we are hoping to help him and I want to baptize an Asian. 
Sunday was a great day. Benji got confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! It was awesome! And after church and dinner, we had a Sisters' fireside. They had a fireside for all the sisters that got to help out in the Temple open house and it was so good. It just brought back so many memories and made me realize what a blessing it is to be here now serving the Lord. And I finally got my picture with all my companions. :)
But sorry this is so rushed and not really great. I will try better next time. But know that I love being a missionary and I love being able to help others come closer to Christ. This is a great work and the Gospel is amazing! 

Much love,
Sister Richards

All my companions in one
The sisters that came out with me!

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