Friday, November 4, 2016

Another one bites the dust Oct 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Sister Richards!
Well first things first. It's transfers. I'm staying in Parker...again...for a fourth transfer... I don't know what to do with myself. But my new companion is going to be Sister Callens. I have met her once and all I
know is she is from Texas. This is going to be an interesting transfer for me... But I guess here we go!
Sisters Prep-day
Monday we had Sisters Prep-day and that was fun. We mainly just played games and ate food. But it was fun. 
Tuesday was kind of a rough day. Not much was happening and literally all of our appointments cancelled on us. We had a day planned full of wonderful new investigators and ended up with none. 
But Wednesday we got to do some service and had fun with that. We did the horses again and Boots farted in my face but it was way worse than when Smores did it. Uh I hate that! We did get to visit with Benji as the newest member of the ward! :) That was interesting. He is not getting along with his roommate... But that's ok. Hopefully things work out for him. And we got dropped by pretty much all of our investigators within the first three days of the week so that was awesome!
But Thursday we had a crazy day. We had a great District Meeting. Got super pumped for doing the
District Meeting
Lord's work and then we had a party sort of cause it was our District Leade'rs last District Meeting. We made him brownies :) Then we got dropped by two of our investigators, one of which we didn't even say more than 5 words so that was fun. 
Friday we got to do some fun service. We got to ask for donations. I felt weird doing that actually. But then we found 3 new investigators! How cool is that?! They might have some great potential. We will have to see about this. 
Saturday was a Conference magical day. So many great talks and so many answers found. I had all my answers in the first session of conference so that was pretty cool. I did get my package and thank you for that. I really loved the earrings and journal. Those were awesome! Thank you!
Sunday was another great day full of conference fun. It was great.
So I apologize for my letter. I know I promised a better one but today was not the greatest for trying to make a better one. Next week... Promise :)

Much love,
Sister Richards

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