Saturday, November 5, 2016

We be blessed October 10, 2016

This is Boots our new horse. Smores is no more
Well... this week was interesting. I had to say goodbye to an amazing companion and we literally taught 4 lessons this week. Transfer week is always a struggle. But I think miracles are coming our way.
I am excited to get my play, this is going to be fun. You can do a CD. I have a way to play it. I also have a way to do a flash drive. No need to get a new iPod. Whatever is easiest!
Tuesday we got to have a really cool service opportunity. We got to help a lady make breakfast burritos. And in turn we got to make some for ourselves and take then home. Yum. But it was fun to just talk with her. She is super sweet and I am so grateful that someone let us do service for them. No one ever lets us help them these days. We also met this girl that was so excited to get a Book of Mormon. Whether she was serious or not I don't know but it was still cool to be able to help her out with that. We did have a lesson with Sarah, that was just so amazing. She is so ready to come back. She totally gets it too. She just needs to take that leap of faith and act. We talked about taking small steps. And by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Truly it is those small things that make everything better. 
Wednesday was crazy cause it was transfer day. But we had fun at transfers because our whole zone was just telling stories and boy was it funny. We alsotook lots of fun pictures and videos. Gotta love those primary pop songs. They are the bomb. But then the transfer van came and my companion was not on it... so we had to go pick her up. It was really funny because I got to see everyone that just left Parker again. Good times. But my new companion is Sister Callens. She is from Texas and is super quiet. But she also served in two of my past wards so we have a lot of fun talking about them. 
Thursday we had a really awesome District Meeting. Our new District Leader is Elder Wohlrab and he actually came out with me. So that is fun. The rest of the day was filled with lots of finding and rejection galore. Gotta love it
Friday was special. We actually finished weekly planning on time. That never happens for me. But then the check engine light came on and we had to take our car all the way to Lonetree and have some sisters pick us up. So we were without a car all weekend. Fun stuff let me tell you. Our area is too big for walking so we could only really stay in one area. 
Saturday was a full day of walking but we were totally blessed for that. We got to teach someone! And when we went to lunch, a member paid and gave us a ride back to our area. Bless. Then we had lots and lots of walking and finding to do. But we made it through. And I had a ton of fun. It was great! We got to
take lots of pictures too. We were truly blessed that day.
Sunday we had a miracle happen. A woman that lives just down the street from our Church building, just decided to come that day to see what it was about. And she stayed for all 3 hours and totally loved it! She was just so grateful and told us that it was exactly what she needed in her life. Amazing. So that was really cool and we are going to teach her tomorrow and I'm pretty sure she will be baptized! Love. We also got 3 different desserts that night from members. Oh how I love dessert. 
So all in all it was a good week. I just hope and pray that miracles continue to happen here. I am learning a lot and hope that this time it sticks!
Anyway, I am excited to get the play! Thanks for all you do!

Much love,
Sister Richards

someone made us dinner and left it at our door :)

yes we are wearing winter coats cause it was that cold

Its fall! :) walking our lives away

A member gave us flashlights to walk in the dark :)

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