Sunday, November 6, 2016

Loving the work October 17, 2016

I love fall!
Well this week was another slow one and cholk-full of extremely awkward moments but hey, that's the life of a missionary. I take it to mean I am doing my job right :)
Thanks for the baseball update, I have been missing that in my life.
And yes I am anxious to get the play. And Mom, I love your emoji's, they make me smile.
Tuesday we had a really awkward lesson with a 21 yr old. He was being taught up in Greeley but when we asked about baptism he had never heard of it. But he has been taught almost all the lessons... What the heck? But we had to pass him off to the Young Single Adults so I didn't have to deal with that awkward situation. But it made me realize how important it is that they understand our purpose. We are here to help others come closer to Christ by receiving the restored Gospel. But we also had a really cool experience. We met a guy from Michigan that was soliciting in our neighborhood and he stopped and let us teach him. It was very refreshing to teach someone who was willing to listen. In fact he asked us to continue. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and hopefully he finds missionaries in Michigan. 
Wednesday we didn't really go out. My companion wasn't feeling very well this week so we were in most the week. But we did get to teach Shereen, the lady that came to Church. She is going to be a lot slower than I thought but she loves coming to Church so hopefully the Spirit hits her hard and she wants to get baptized in 4 weeks :) But being in gave me the chance to really think and catch up on some things. 
Thursday we had a bomb diggity zone meeting. It got me so pumped to share the Gospel. We talked about being a committed missionary and building your faith and testimony, and having enduring faith. It was really great. I learned a lot and got really excited to share the Gospel with everyone! And Elder Olsen was there for our meeting and totally did the splits. I was scared for his pants, but he did it and it was great. But then we went in after that. Again more catching up. But I did get to read a lot from the Bible. That was fun. Some of the stories were super sketch, but being able to just sit and read like I would a novel, made the story come alive and make more sense. So that was fun for me, even though we were inside all day. I missed the sun.
Friday was a fun day. We didn't really have anything happen but we had fun doing the work. And check
it, there were these little girls driving around one of those toy cars and it was my Mini Cooper. I wanted to sit in it so bad but just took a picture of it instead! That made my day!
Saturday was a long day of finding. I was wiped by the end of it. We got to teach a couple of people but no one wants to make return appointments. Lame. Awkward/creepy story of the day. We were walking around trying to find a house in the dark and we saw this car drive by. We still couldn't find the house so we were still walking around and the car drove by again but this time he stopped to take a picture of us. What the heck? Who does that? I was so dumb founded. 
Sunday was another really long day but it was good. We had the Temple dedication and that was really good. There were a lot of really good insights and the Spirit was so strong. It just made me want to go to the Temple every day, I love it so much. Temples really are great. We get to have a safe place to go and feel God's presence. Love it. 
So it was a pretty slow week but I still love the work and hope that it continues to progress. May the Lord continue to bless every one of you in your endeavors.

Much love,
Sister Richards
Elder Olson splits

Beautiful Sunrise!


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