Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble October 31, 2016

Baby pumpkin!!! :)
Happy Halloween!!! I will be a missionary version of Cinderella tonight :) But we will be in all night so... lame. I miss Halloween fun!
Anyway this week was a little bit of a struggle. 
Tuesday we got to have some fun at the Task Force. Except everyone thinks I am an angry child. NOT TRUE!!! So they of course teased me to no end there. Oh well. We were doing a lot of walking because we are running out of miles so that is fun. But it is fun cause then we were out talking to a lot more people than we normally would probably. And I just love talking to people. We got to teach the Kirsten family. They are an interesting bunch. But it's a little sad because they don't have much knowledge about the Gospel. My heart breaks for them. 
Wednesday we got to go back to the Task Force to fill lots and lots of envelopes. That was fun. Nothing like mundane tedious tasks that I don't have to use brain power for. Then we got to have interviews with President and Sister Mendenhall and that is always a joy. They truly are wonderful people. We also got to go to mutual to teach the youth how to make a contact. The first group was a little rough but then we got the hang of things. And it was really cool though to help them get thinking about talking about the Gospel to their friends. We challenged them to bear their testimony on Sunday too and so many did. It really was a cool sight to see all the youth in the Ward go up and bear their testimonies. And they were all different too, that was the other cool thing. It was great.
Thursday we had district meeting. That was pretty good. I felt the Spirit a lot when we were doing a role play. Elder Olsen was on exchanges and he reminded me of my purpose here. I am here to do what Christ would do. To help serve and love those around me. I did have a cool experience. We were coming up to a mail lady and I was scared to talk to her because she was the mail lady and I didn't think she would listen. But then I thought, "what would Jesus do?" and I was overcome with a feeling of love for this lady. And she did listen for a bit but wasn't interested. But I think she needed to know that God knew where she was. 
Friday was a little bit scary. I thought I was going to be kicked out of the area. But I will not go into details cause that is not necessary cause everything is all good now. We met with a basher and I was just done with him. It was draining talking to him. People just don't listen to us. But then we met Norm. He is the cutest old man ever. We just talked to him about how he has seen God in his life. We were there for an hour and he just told us story after story. It was so cute. But it was funny because I felt like sharing a
This cat was tracting with us at night to protect us. It was great! :)
scripture from the Book of Mormon but I knew I had to quote it and not read it from the actual page. So I did and it was "I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things". So I told him that and he agreed and said that's what his bible said too. And then he went on a rant about how the Book of Mormon was false and that it says different things. When we left I just laughed because I knew that I just needed to quote it. The Book is true! Then we had a Trunk or Treat for Auburn Hills. That was fun and holy cow, there were a ton of people. But it was fun. And I got even more candy. 
Saturday was amazing. I was just on a Spiritual high. We were walking everywhere and talking with everyone and it was just great. I got a nice burn to show for it too. But we ran into some cool people. We ran into a member that lives in our ward but goes to another one. And they fed us lunch so that was super nice. So we helped them wrap presents for their kids birthday. And they had superhero wrapping paper. I want some. It was so cool. Anyway, then we met Robert. He is Catholic but hates church because the Catholic church ruined it for him. But we tried talking to him about how great it is and gave him a Book of Mormon. He was really excited and said he would read it and that we could come back next week. Ballin'. He was so funny and has a really cool story. So I am excited to meet with him again. We had dinner with the Egan's and their little boy was so cute. We were leaving and he yells out the door, "GOODBYE TOOT!!" It was so funny. Gotta love children! :) 
Sunday was great. I actually love Church for 6 hours. I get to feel the Spirit so strong for so long. Its great! And we got to have a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation with a little 7 yr old. He is so cute. And I just love the Plan of Salvation. How grateful I am for the Saviors Atonement. We would be nothing without him. 
I love this Gospel and I love being a missionary. The Gospel is true and it truly is wonderful. Keep the faith!! Love you bunches!!!

Much love,
Sister Richards

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