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#findingfordays August 24, 2015

Well sorry about the hashtags...can't avoid it anymore. I mainly just do it to make fun though...
Well this week has been better but it has also been harder. 
Tuesday was awesome though. So many miracles. We have been trying to have more effective planning and it really paid off for Tuesday. We were just trying to find less actives and every door that we went to, someone else was there so we just talked to them. They were all super nice actually listened to us.Then we went to go see this really old man, Ray, and it turns out that his sister and her son were there helping him out so we just taught all of them. It was really cool. The spirit was strong. It was a really interesting situation though. So we basically were just teaching Ray's sister cause Ray can't hear anything. We taught the Plan of Salvation and I think she really enjoyed it. Her son was there too but he wasn't really participating. So at the end of the lesson we asked if she would take a Book of Mormon and read it. She said she didn't have time and we should give it to someone else. So then I asked her son, Andrew, what he had heard about the church. He said that it was strict and people were rich. That made me laugh. But then I asked him if he wanted to read the Book of Mormon and he was a little iffy about it. So we just left the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets with our number on the table and they could take it if they wanted to. Andrew took them all, I noticed, and was looking through them so I was pretty excited for him. So we left and got in the car to go somewhere and the phone rang, and it was Andrew!!!! He wanted to know what chapter from the Book of Mormon we wanted him to read. WHAT?!?!! We were both so taken aback that we didn't know what to say. So we just gave him Alma 32 and told him to text us what he thought about it. We tried texting him on Sat. and the number didn't work so that was sad. But it was still so awesome. I had no idea how much he was paying attention and if I wouldn't have followed the prompting to ask him at the end, who knows what would have happened. AHHH we were so excited. I had to say a prayer of thanks immediately. Such a blessing. Then we went finding again and the same thing happened as before. So many different people were put into our path that we were not planning on but it was wonderful. Then we went to a members house, the Penningtons, to help them paint their house and have dinner and a lesson. The dinner was great. It's actually amazing all the different meals that I have had here. So much variety and so good. The lesson was so good too. The Spirit was strong and the discussion was great. And I learned something so that's a plus. We talked about the scripture in Mosiah 4:19 where it talks about how we are all beggars. We talked about Elder Holland's talk that he gave on it. It just was a really great lesson. Then we went to go see Chris and Stella. They are the best. They are recent converts and Stella is Chris' mom and she is just so funny. We love visiting with them. I feel like I can be myself and that makes me more open to talk so it's great. 
Wednesday we got to go to the Temple. It was great, except we had to wake up at 4 to get to the 7 AM session. Of course that didn't happen cause we didn't wake up to our alarms. We hurried as fast as we could to get to the 7:30 session. It was great. The Denver Temple is so small though. I felt a little claustrophobic. Sweet little Sister Gilson was so kind to take us so we could save on miles. She is the best. After that we had a district meeting. I love my district. Elder Bird is our district leader and so we call our district "The Birdcage". Hahahaha we thought it was pretty clever. But the meeting was great. We talked about patience in finding and it was just really good. The other Elders in my district are Elder Bluhm, Elder Porter, and Elder T.--don't even ask me to spell Elder T's name. But he is actually from Long Beach so I though that was pretty funny. We used to have Elder Pincock but he left because an emergency transfer. Sad. But they are all great. So after the meeting we were supposed to see Sean but he cancelled on us--three times this week and he didn't come to Church so that's disappointing. No longer progressing. Sad. But we had dinner with the Gilsons again so that was fun. We just spent all day with Sister Gilson. It was like a girls day out. Hahaha not that I don't have a companion with me 24/7. Hahaha but it was great. Oh but we went to go talk to this less active and her door was open and we could hear them all talking so we rang the doorbell and then it got quiet. And someone was like, who is at the door, and she shushed them. So we rang the bell again and silence. Salty. We left laughing actually. So funny. 
Thursday was a long day. We went to go paint Sister Penningtons house again and then we went to go help this non-member family pack up their house cause they had to move the next day. So that was actually fun. And very tiring. All the Elders from our district came too. I think they were very grateful for our help. And Sister Netherton got to mow her first lawn, under my direction of course. And it was the smallest lawn in the world but it made her happy. Hahaha. But we were so exhausted after that. But we had dinner and a lesson at the Bishop's house and that was super intimidating. I don't know why I was scared to teach in front of the Bishop but it was good. Also they had these things for dinner called chicken pillows. So good. Its like chicken pieces with cream cheese heaven breaded and delicious. YUM. But then we went on a mini-exchange again. It was really good. I got to actually drive since Sister Tracy was coming to my area. It was fun. She is awesome. And just so cool and spiritual... But the exchange was only for the night. We exchanged back on Friday morning. 
 Sister Netherton had a doctor's appointment so we were there forever. But we came home and finally did weekly planning. That took a long time. We had a lot to talk about and it was good. But it took a long time. And then we didn't have a dinner but the awesome ward mission leader brought us a pizza. My favorite. We had a little group therapy session with the Sister Training Leader. We got it all out on the table to try and get a fresh new start. It was good. And I'm excited to hopefully work better together with Sister Netherton. 
Saturday was my month mark. How has it already been a month. Like what?! But we had this little Sisters lunch with all the Sisters in our zone. It was so fun. So then we of course went finding for days. The first half of the day was terrible. We had zero luck. But then we had an hour of training to do. So we went home so frustrated but when we went back out to find, again, it was so much better. We didn't get to teach or anything but we talked to a lot of less actives that said we could come back. YAY!!! God is real. And then we had dinner with Chris and Stella and it was steak and potatoes aka DELICIOUS. It was great. After dinner we got to talk to a lot of people again. Oh and a little tender mercy. When we went to go finding after our training, our jam song came on and it was just so great. The song talks about how we need God and we can't do this on our own. It was so perfect. 
Sunday... That had to have been one of the worst days ever. Church was great and everything. But then after lunch everything just went downhill. We had dinner with a less active family and it was just really hard for me. They don't think that swearing is a bad thing... so that was interesting. But the thing that really bothered me was that we stayed way too late. We are only supposed to stay an hour at homes and we were there way past that. And because of that we missed a teaching appointment with another less active. I tried to get us out but it just didn't happen. I left that house feeling so terrible. It just didn't sit right with me. And I told Sister Netherton that I can't ever do that again. Ergo we ended up having a breakdown. It was really hard for me I can't even really explain it. And then we missed another appointment because of it. We were useless for the rest of the night,so we went home crying. I let Sister Netherton alone and just read my scriptures. And I just was instantly comforted. Yeah we messed up but we will just have to do better. It was and interesting experience but I don't want to leave. I'm seeing this thing through no matter how hard it gets. I have come to such a greater understanding of the gospel already that it boggles my mind. We are all brothers and sisters and we all need saving. There is not much else to say about what happened. Just that I came out of it with different eyes and a stronger relationship with Christ. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this gospel. It is so wonderful. There are no words.
But that's about all for this week.
I have been missing you a lot this week but it's okay. I love you. Thanks for all you do!
Stay sweet!

Sister Richards       

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