Friday, August 21, 2015

Oh Boy August 17, 2015

Well mom, this week was interesting. It was really hard but very humbling and I definitely learned a lot.
But first I have realized that I have not really told you anything about my companion. She is from Las Vegas and has only been a member for a year and a half. How cool is that?! But yeah she is awesome. She has only been out for 3 months so we are kind of both learning together. She is pretty cool and super helpful in my struggle to adjust. So that's great. Yeah that's about it...
Tuesday was a rough day cause we were trying so hard to find people and every house we went to, nothing. So my companion kind of had a break down so we went on a mini-exchange for a couple of hours. That was actually really good for me. I actually got to talk to someone. I finally felt like a missionary. But it's kind of funny cause the other Sister that I was temporarily companions with, Sister Tracey, came out with me to the field. So we had both only been out for like a week but she is so cool. She is really good at this so it was just cool for me to see. 
Wednesday I finally broke down. We had this awesome meeting and I was super pumped but then stupid Satan got in my head. But it's okay, I got a blessing and that was super helpful. And just now I am realizing how much that was actually an answer to my prayers and how much God is in my life. That actually changed my outlook on this whole week. Man. God is real. But then we had dinner with this really awesome family, the Herman's. Sister Herman is seriously like my best friend. She is cool. But another reason why I love them is because they are huge baseball fans. They seriously know everything about every team. Also why didn't you tell me Cueto got traded?! What is our pitching going to do?! But Sister Herman also loves Drew Stubbs. Basically my favorite person ever. So they are my new favorites here. Oh and they have the cutest 6 yr old twins ever. We walked in and the first thing that one said was, "You're cute". That just melted my heart. It was so funny though. 
Thursday we went to the Jones family again and they are just the best. They are so sweet. And Sister Jones is a bomb cooker. Anyway her two youngest girls really wanted us to jump on the trampoline with them so we brought some pants and it was super fun. Anna, the youngest is so funny. She loves to sing and wanted to share with us her favorite song. Its One Jump Ahead from Aladdin. She was singing at the top of her lungs and it was so cute. She didn't stop singing till we left. Crazy girl. Oh but on our way to the Jones house we came across the funniest thing. There is a little cabinet thing that sits on the side of the road and its a little library. You can take a book or leave a book. It was so cool. So we left a Book of Mormon in it with our number. I really hope someone takes it and reads it. That would be so awesome.
But Friday was a good day. We finally got to meet with one of our investigators and he has a baptismal date set. Yeah, that is super exciting. But we also met with the Bugg family and they are just cool. Also we had the best meal of mac n' cheese and pork. It reminded me of our Grandma meat dinners. So yummy. But we also got to finally do service. It was so awesome. We helped them set up a trampoline and it felt so good to finally do some service. We have been trying to find service but are getting nothing back. But whatever.
Then we went on exchanges but this time it was the whole day for Saturday. That was where my eyes were opened. I was companions with Hermana King. She is a sister training leader and has been out for a year now so it was cool to see the difference in how she worked. But Saturday morning we had this Trainers meeting. So all of the people that came out on the same day as me were there and that was so fun. I was really glad to see some people from my district at the MTC. Anyway that meeting was so awesome. I learned so much. We talked about the spirit and prayer and it was exactly what I needed. But then President also talked about fear and how fear and faith cannot coexist together. And that was just awesome. He is such a cool dude. (Is that inappropriate to say?). But he just nailed it on the head and I really just cant even explain what it did for me. It was just awesome. And it kind of related to what I was learning about in my personal study that morning. I was reading in Helaman 5 where Nephi and Lehi get put into prison but God protected them. It just gave me the courage to continue on and to know that God will protect me. I also was learning about hope and that is just something I really needed that day. But the rest of the day Hermana King and I were just knocking doors and just trying to talk to someone but again nothing. We actually got some doors slammed in our face so that was cool. But we did finally talk to someone less active and it was just sad to see that he "just isn't feeling it anymore". But we shared a nice little scripture with him and invited him to church so hopefully he starts feeling it. Then we had dinner at Golden Corral and oh my heavens I ate so much food. I was literally waddling the rest of the night. But we had zero luck after dinner again but I still felt like I had done more than I have the past two weeks. We also had a little chat together since she is the Sister Training Leader and that was really helpful. She just helped me realize that God called me here and will give me the power I need to do his work. She is awesome. I learned a lot from her. And I came back from exchanges super pumped to do the work. Sister Netherton and I are trying a different approach and I am just super excited about it. I really think this week we be even better. They just keep getting better.
I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for the struggles I have been through so that I can learn and grow. God is so real. I just love it. 
Yesterday I felt renewed. It was like I was a new person. I was just so excited to meet people and talk to people. We had dinner with the quietest family I have ever met. It was interesting. But they are super sweet. And then we went to the Gilson's and Sister Gilson is about the sweetest old lady EVER. And funny story. As we were driving to their house we were talking about how we really wanted dessert. And we are going to the Temple this week (super pumped) but we are running out of miles so we didn't know what we were going to do. But we got to the Gilson's and she gave us dessert after the lesson and offered to drive us to the Temple on Wednesday. We didn't even tell her we were going. GOD IS SO REAL!! What a miracle. He really does care about us and even our little desires. So blessed!  We got to teach the woman we are living with actually. It was super cool cause I understand more how to actually love these people. This is going to be great!
Its been amazing how I am finally starting to realize God's hand in my life and how miracles do happen. LOVE IT!!!

But thanks for the pictures mom. I love them. I was actually going to ask you to send me some pictures of the family. Love it. Also could you put me in the list to receive Brian and Luke's emails. I am super curious about how they are doing. Also is there anyway that you could make me some CD's with music on it? Maybe you could have Beth do it. But we aren't allowed to listen to Disney music so that's a bummer. It's just that Sister Netherton only has like 3 CD's and we are really tired of them now. If you can't, don't worry about it. We will survive. Um but that's about it I think.
Oh thanks Dad for the letter. And I'm loving the stamps! :)

I love ya and pray for the family all the time! 
Remember life is too short to be anything but happy!

Sister Richards

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