Sunday, August 16, 2015

#problemsofsweeping.....OHMYGOODNESSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 10, 2015

This week was seriously rough. My companion and I are sweeping our area, meaning we are coming in new and knowing nothing. Usually you go into a companionship where one has already been there and knows what's up with the area. We both came into this area new. And it is an eternal struggle boat. Okay, it's not that bad. The Sisters that were in this area before were both going home and did not leave a very good area book for us to work from. Sister Netherton and I are basically starting from scratch and building from nothing. I can't even really describe how ridiculous the situation is but something good has definitely come from it. Sister Netherton and I have become very close rather quickly because of how much we are in the car together trying to figure out our area. And we have learned to laugh about our situation instead of crying about it. I am actually surprised that I have not broken down in tears yet. 
So our first couple of days we couldn't do much cause we didn't know where everything was and who we were supposed to see. That was kind of frustrating cause I just want to get lost in the work and talk to everyone and teach the good word. But this is just part of it. We have to start at the beginning. So we have been driving around trying to figure out our boundaries and what is all in our area. Basically, there's nothing. But the sunsets are beautiful and there are always these wonderful clouds that just make me happy. Also there are bunny rabbits everywhere!!! It makes me happy. And I named one Chunk. He likes to sleep on the rocks by our house. And I almost got a picture with him but he keeps running away. One of these days I will find him (insert voice of Zod).
Wednesday we finally were able to meet with a recent convert named Paul. He is awesome. And his daughter is so cute and loves God so much, she can't wait to be baptized. She is 7. It just fills my heart with joy. That made me feel so much better actually being able to talk to someone other than my companion. But don't get me wrong, I love her. We got to meet with some members and get the scoop about what's going on in this Ward. It's been really helpful and we are excited to finally have some people to see. We have made so many appointments with the investigators and they all keep cancelling on us. It's so frustrating. But that's the life of a missionary, right? The members in our ward are all super friendly and they feed us way too much, I'm going to explode. But it's great.
We met with a member family on Friday and it just made me miss home. But at the same time, I felt like I was home. Everyone here is super nice and I just love being around the families. Makes me grateful that I have such an awesome one, forever.
Saturday was the worst. We had zero appointments and so we were just going to go knocking on doors. I was actually really excited. I just wanted to talk to everyone. But when we finally found an area we literally just walked around the block. Talked to no one and didn't even knock on a single door. I was going crazy and then just got super down cause I felt like we had wasted our day. And we had literally been driving in circles trying to find something to do. It was so terrible. By the end of it we were driving ourselves insane. Laughing at literally everything. But we made it to dinner with a family and from them on everything was golden. We got to talk to a bunch of other people after that. It truly is amazing how much better I feel after talking to people. By the time we got home I couldn't even remember that I was so upset earlier. God is real! 
Yesterday we had dinner and shared a message with a family and my companion actually let me start it. She is super nice but doesn't really let me talk much cause she thinks I'm scared or whatever. But I don't think she realizes that I am a fast learner and I got to do it to learn. It was great. We have fun together. She laughs at me all the time for some reason... I don't really know why... I'm not that funny. But I love it. Laughing soothes the soul.  
We also talked with Sister Mendenhall yesterday aka my Mission President's wife. She is so awesome. She made us feel so much better about what we are doing here. I mean it can only go up from here right? Things will get better. Not that there still won't be hard days but it will be okay.
For some reason my thoughts are super scattered today so I don't have much else to say. Sorry if this letter doesn't make sense. Hopefully this week we will be able to see more people and get settled on our feet. 
Oh and by the way, the mission is seriously obsessed with hashtags and I'm going insane. But I guess I will have to learn to love it.
But I'm loving it here and I can't wait to do more work.
As for the Moo situation, that seems to make sense to me. I don't know if I told you this but the people we live with have a cat. And he has THUMBS!!! I'm not even kidding. I will send you a picture. 
Thanks for getting all that figured out for me. You're the best. Hope the ceiling thing works out for you!
I'll send you some pictures from our adventures this week.
Love you!
Sister Richards

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