Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Miricles are Everywhere and God is Real September 21, 2015

Sister Dennis and Sister Richards
This week was so awesome! We found two new investigators and taught 13 lessons this week. We were only teaching an average of 7 lessons last transfer. Also, I'm pretty sure we have knocked on every single door in our area. So that is freaking awesome. Sister Dennis the menace and I are working hard but the Spirit is working harder. It has been really awesome to see all the miracles that have happened this week, and I feel it will only go up from here. Also, we have a friend on date for baptism. Yay! But he didn't come to Church so that's sad but I have faith. 
Tuesday was awesome. We taught 5 lessons. That has never happened for me. I was shocked but so grateful. It was awesome. We also found Liz, a new investigator. She will have to be handed over to the YSA but she was so nice. Tuesday was just awesome. 
Wednesday we got to go to the Temple. That was so good. I just was so happy in the temple. And we took pictures this time but they are terrible. I will still send them. We are also not going to be able to go to the Temple every month anymore. They are just going to do it quarterly. Elder Zwick said we need to do work for the living not the dead so that is  kind of sad but it's kind of true. Anyway the rest of the day was really hard. We couldn't get anyone to talk to us. So that was rough. 
But Thursday was better. We had a zone meeting and the zone is huge now. Our mission has 9 new areas opened and they are all on bike. Also there are only two sets of sisters in our zone. Me and my companion and then the Sister Training leaders. They are awesome by the way. So we had some really good training's from the zone so that was awesome. And we had lunch with our Sister Training Leaders
Hermana Tchan (next to me)
Hermana Mortensen (blonde)
and they just really got me pumped for this transfer. I think its going to be a good one. Hermana Mortensen and Hermana Tchan are the Sister Training Leaders over us and we just have a grand old time. They are just so cool. They show so much love and really help me stay grounded. It's awesome. They are great examples to me.
Friday was pretty good. We found a member who's records haven't transferred over yet so that was cool. Except he doesn't really want his records transferred. Awkward. But we were just trying to visit a member and found him about to work on his yard and started talking to him. It was funny when he was like, "Yeah, I'm a member". We were like, "what?!" But we are hopefully going to see him again so we will see what happens there. 
Saturday was rough. And it was rough because we forgot to plan the night before. How we did that, I don't know. But it was a great learning experience. Might I remind you that my companion and I have only been out for 2 months so we are still learning. Crazy. Tomorrow is my two month mark. But we did get to have breakfast at the Stake Presidents house so that was fun. We had a grand old time with them as well.
Sunday made really think about families. They talked a lot about Family History and how important families are. And that just made me think about how much I love my family. But also I just want to invite you as a family to read scriptures together and pray together every day, if possible (I know you are all busy). I have seen the blessings and importance of that in my life and I would just hope that you continue to do so. And I will ask you about it next week. Also it would be cool to have some fun stories about the family from back in the day... No pressure though. :)
But that's all for now. Sorry it's so short.
Anyway I love you all so much and I love this Gospel. I have seen the Lord's hand in my life so much in just these two months its amazing. I hope you are all well. 

Much love,
Sister Richards

PS-Man I am going to miss doing a puzzle during Conference. I miss doing puzzles in general. But Stella loves doing puzzles so every time we visit with her we work on it with her a little bit. It's awesome. So I think we get to go to a members house to watch conference but I'm not sure. And I'm kind of sad that I
wont be able to write in all my colors too. Guess its just black ink for now. But I'm excited for conference. There are so many changes.

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