Monday, September 28, 2015

The Work Is Moving Along September 28, 2015

My goodness what a week! My personal studies are really awesome. I learn SO MUCH!! It's wonderful! But also we had 17 lessons this week! Ballin'! The Spirit was so strong and working some mighty miracles in our area. It's. Awesome. I love Jesus!
Tuesday we got to see Ray and he is really starting to understand. And he said that he has started to feel better, which is seriously a miracle. We have been praying so hard for him to come to Church. But then we had to go switch cars with the Elders cause, wait for it, we are on bikes. We still have a car obviously cause our area is huge but we are running out of miles so we needed a car with a bike rack on it so we could bike and drive. This new car is such a downgrade! But I'm learning to love it. But let's be honest, Toyota's are better. Haha. Anyway then we went to see David. He makes me sad because he just doesn't have a desire and we can't make him do anything but he isn't doing anything to help himself. I left that house wanting to cry, my heart just hurt so much. But we also met with the Swafford family. They are from Alabama and oh my heavens she is so funny. She is so southern it's not even funny. Just the sweetest lady. She actually gave us a ride today to the library. She says hello. But they just made me so happy. Such a great family.
Wednesday was our first day biking and can I just say, NAILED IT! Of course my skirt got ruined in the process but I have learned what works and what doesn't so it's all good. We had a district meeting and it was awesome. Our District Leader is so awesome. 'Nuff said. We biked from area 5 to area 9 and holy cow that is a long bike ride. And holy hills batman! But I totally nailed it. My legs were like jelly of course but it's all good. We went a knockin' before dinner and we found the most interesting man. His name is Henry. He is writing his own faith apparently, how, I don't know. But we couldn't even hardly tell him anything. He stopped us and got all philosophical and psychological and I was like oh no. He was just like what
questions do  you have for me cause I have thought a lot about life and have looked to nature. I don't even know. It was just weird. But that's not even the best part. When we were leaving he was like do you want to fill up your water cause I just filled up my jug at the fountain of youth... What? I was really nervous to take his water but I was also thirsty so whateves. I'm still alive so I guess it was okay. Wait that isn't even the best part. As we got our stuff he told me to bow my head. I was so confused and thinking there was something he saw in my hair. I bowed my head. He then proceeded to give me and my companion a kiss on the forehead. UM WHAT? That just freaked me out so I was like nice to meet you bye!! I got out of there asap quick! It was so weird. I didn't even know what to do. It gives me chills just thinking about it. But then we had to bike home to get the car and I'm pretty sure I was about to die. Ok, not really but it took us a good hour to get home and get the bikes on the rack. They are so temperamental. Anyway...
Thursday was so awesome! We finally got to do service. And what did we do? Yard work. I felt like I was back on grounds crew for the temple. We went with the Elders and we had a choice between wrapping trees or blowing the sidewalks. I chose blowing, obviously. Sorry Elders. I think they were a little upset with that but whateves. I rocked that blower. I got so sunburned though. It was so funny. It was seriously just like being back at grounds. My companion did not like the blowing, however. Next time she said we are wrapping trees... But it was so much fun. I loved it. It's weird saying that but it was great fun for me. For dinner we had corn beef and cabbage... not a fan. But I just had to grin and bear it. The dessert was great so its all good. That night we had seriously one of the best lessons ever with Paul. His daughter is so adorable. I just love her. But we talked about the Holy Ghost and it was so strong during that lesson. I could just see the Spirit help him understand what we were talking about. It was so good. I just love this Gospel.
Friday nothing too fun happened. We finally got a second appointment with an investigator. I'm not sure she is too interested but I'm not giving up just yet on her. 
But then we had exchanges on Saturday. And since the only other Sisters in our zone are Spanish, I got to go be Spanish for a day. Happy Beth?! :) That was rather interesting. But I learned so much from Hermana Mortensen. She is awesome. Faith is so important in this work. We talked to some cool people. And by we, I mean Hermana Mortensen, cause I didn't understand anything. I could understand her but when they would speak I would be lost. I could follow mostly what was going on though. It was great fun. And I had some interesting food.
Hermana Mortensen
My tummy did not like that. But it was awesome. The Spirit is the same. Then we went to the Women's Conference and holy cow that was awesome. I just learned so much from every single talk. And Utchdorf is a beast. That talk was just what I needed that day. Man so awesome! Then we had a quick little lesson and it was actually in English about the priesthood. And it was actually really powerful. Man this is good stuff. I am so excited to watch General Conference. It's gonna be awesome!!! I would like to invite you to take a question to conference! He will answer you!
Sunday. RAY CAME TO CHURCH!!! I was so beyond excited I just wanted to scream for joy. The Lord really answered our prayers that day. It was so amazing. We are so excited for him. And he loved it. That is about all I want to say about that day. Except we also had a really powerful lesson with a member about the Atonement. I just love it. Don't let it go to waste. 
Anyway, I love this gospel and I am so grateful that I get to learn so much from it. 

Thanks for the stories. Its really interesting reading old journal entries. I loved it.   
Jeff, Adventure Time is of the devil...
Dad I never got letter #6. Its in limbo. Just FYI. I will probably get it in a month. But thanks for the letters. They are awesome. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy conference. I love you and so does Heavenly Father!
Keep the faith!

Love Sister Richards  

oh ps how is the reading coming along? :)

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