Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tender Mercies Galore September 8, 2015

Well this week was a really hard one for me personally. But that means that it was also very humbling. And with that I could see so many blessings and tender mercies this week.
But sorry I couldn't email yesterday. It was Labor day so the library was closed. Also next week is transfers so I may or may not be able to write again till Tuesday. It just really depends. So just FYI.
Looking back on the week I really can only see the good times. I don't even know why it was such a hard week for me. I was just so blessed.
Tuesday we saw Ray. He told us a really funny story about how he was constipated. I will spare you the gory details but it had me and Sister Netherton laughing so hard. He is just such a funny guy!! Later that day we went to go see Chris and Stella. They are just wonderful. It just makes me happy visiting with them. 
Wednesday was even better. We had the best district meeting training ever. It was seriously just meant for me. Elder Bird related the Plan of Salvation to us on a mission. It was just perfectly awesome. And Elder Bluhm also gave a training on being committed to this mission. Both of them just opened my eyes. We met with this old lady, Sister Sturgell, and she just made my day. She just opened my eyes with her wonderful old lady wisdom. And she would say everything was cute. Even me being 7 of 10 and the youngest girl. She just thought that was so cute. Haha. Love it. Then we had dinner with the West family and they just remind me of our family. It is a crazy house there with all the kids. But Brother West is the man. He is so helpful when it comes to missionary work that it just makes me love being a missionary even more. He also had wise words that gave me comfort. But we took him with us to go visit with the Stanton's. I don't remember what I told you about them but he is a member and his wife belongs to the reformed LDS church. We just had a conversation about the Book of Mormon and how we can know it's true and how we can feel the Spirit. I didn't say much, or anything, but I still learned from it. I love meeting with the Stanton's. Also we saw THE MOST BEAUTIFUL sunset that day. I will send you a picture. It was seriously breath taking. 
Thursday we had interviews with the President and his wife. That just made me feel loads better. About what I am doing here, this area, and my companion. Just everything. And he gave me a blessing that was just the cherry on top. Sister Mendenhall is also very awesome. I seriously have the best Mission President ever. Just wonderful. The rest of the day was a downer cause people just didn't want to talk to us. But it rained and of course there was a rainbow. This rainbow was a tender mercy for me. It was the most beautiful rainbow. It was so vibrant and it was a full rainbow. I have never been able to see the other end of a rainbow from one spot before. It was wonderful! So cool. Dad you would have loved it!
Friday was awesome. We met with some ward missionaries, the Joseph's, and they are just willing to help and so cool. Their kids write music so they gave us the CD. Too bad I am going to have to wait until I get home to listen to them. The band is called Playing the Saint, if you wanted to check it out, cause I can't. Haha. But miracle, we talked to 3 former investigators that said we could come back!!! We are so excited. God works in mysterious ways.
Saturdays are always so long. We were literally finding all day!! But we did talk to some less actives that said we could come back so that's cool. One of my favorite things that was said to us that day, after we asked if we could chat with them was, "well its Saturday so... no". Awesome dude.
Sunday was good. I learned a lot from Gospel Principles class. We talked about developing our talents. The best part was that it was just me, Sister Netherton, and two ward missionaries. Labor day weekend. No one was in class. But it was a good discussion.
Yesterday was Zone p-day. So all the Elders and Sisters in the Brighton zone got together and had a BBQ. So much fun!!! We had to wait forever for the zone leaders to get there with the food so we just played some games. We started to play tennis baseball and it was fun. But right when we started playing it started pouring down rain. But we continued to play. It was hard to play because the ball is so small, but yeah I got really wet. Funny story. So the Elder Lee, who is very small, was cooking the burgers and stuff but the grill was not covered, so another Elder, who is very large, was protecting Elder Lee and the food from the rain. I got a picture of it. But the funny part is when one of the Elders was like, the food is being baptized by water and fire. Get it? It was funny. Reading it now, it doesn't sound as funny. Guess you had to be there. But then we played ultimate Frisbee. That was awesome. There was this one time when I really wanted to catch it. I was so determined and focused on the Frisbee. I was not going to let it fall to the ground. What I didn't realize was that my companion, who was on my team, was doing the same thing and BAM, we totally crashed into each other. It was a hard hit too. I dived for it and we just collided and next thing I knew, I was getting all up close and personal with mother earth. I was just laughing there on the ground for awhile. It was so funny and rather awesome, I thought. She caught it too! Win. Today I am very sore from it. My whole left side is just sore and Sister Netherton's right side is sore. So funny. Then we played another game of tennis Frisbee and this time it was not raining. So that was fun. But when I got home and took my shoes off, my feet were blue from my shoes going through the color run. There is still color in them I guess, but the blue wouldn't come off my feet. So I went the rest of the day with blue feet. It was rather funny. But man was I exhausted from that. It was such a good day though. Best p-day yet!! 
Oh and I was asked to give a training during our district meeting this Thursday so that's going to stress me out. The night Elder Bird asked me to give a training I could not sleep at all. I was just thinking about it so much that I didn't get to bed till 12:30! No bueno. But I know it will be fine. I already have lots of ideas and God will help me out so its good.
But yeah that was my week. God is real. I love this gospel and I love being a missionary. It just gets better and better.        

Thanks for getting the music thing worked out for me. You are a life saver. I think the Disney thing is dumb too. I love Disney and it makes me so happy. It totally invites the spirit, for me anyway. But oh well. Rules are rules. 
I heard about the online tithing thing. That's super convenient! 
I hope the roof thing works out!! 
I miss your macaroni salad!!! Send me some!!! Haha just kidding!!
Tell Jeff I said happy birthday!! I know its late but I got so distracted last week that I totally spaced. But I can't believe he is 21. That makes me feel old. But glad to hear about the update.
But I totally wanted to see that movie!! Missed it by that much... Plus, I mean superman is in it so how bad could it be right? Haha
And that picture is so cute!! Kevin looks so old now and they are all just so adorable. 

Anyway, I love you all! Thanks for the prayers and support. Much appreciated!

Love, Sister Richards

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