Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Transfers October 26, 2015

Well it was transfers today! I'm staying in my area but sadly Sister Dennis is now a Sister Training Leader in a different area! How crazy! But I am going to miss her for real. She was awesome and we had so much fun together. My new companion is Sister Mitchell. She is from Boston, grew up in Utah, hecka smart, and awesome. And guess what? She came out the same time I did too. We are greeny-breaking each other. Cool right?! Hahaha. I can't help but laugh. But it's going to be great.
This last transfer was so legit for real. My district was awesome. We all grew so much and had so many good times together. But the Bird Cage is breaking up and it is sad. But it's okay. Blessings are in store for us once more.
Last Monday was so. Much. FUN! We had Zone p-day and we did a corn maze! It was so awesome. I have never done a corn maze before, but it was so much fun. They said that the corn maze would take a minimum of 40 minutes to complete. Our district did it in 30. Ballin'! We all were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find the checkpoints. But we all worked together and we were the first ones done. It was so awesome. So we took pictures while we waited and there was this board with birds on it. You know the ones that you can put your head in and you are a bird. Yeah we took a district picture there and it was so awesome. I didn't get the picture but if I get it from Sister Dennis, I will send it to you cause it was great. Then we all went back to play games at our place. That was sweet. Oh I forgot the best part. We all dressed up for Halloween. And by dress up I mean we all wore batman or superman shirts. There were five people with Batman shirts. One other Elder and I wore Superman shirts. It was pretty cool. I will send a picture. But it was a great day.
Tuesday was a good day. We got to see Ray and took down all of his inappropriate pictures in his garage. I felt like a weight had been lifted. It was great. He is so awesome and willing to do whatever to change for the Lord. It's great. We also had service and let me tell you, wrapping trees for days... so much fun. No but it was great fun. I love serving!
Wednesday was probably the best day ever. We got to go to the Temple and that was awesome. Except it was raining and we didn't know about it. So we didn't have jackets or good shoes on to protect from the rain. My shoes were wet for 3 days. But it was still a good day. I totally forgot my family names though. Bummer. But next time. Also I will need more names after next time for sure. So then we had a district meeting. That was so awesome. Like I cannot even say how awesome my district is. We were all working on a Christlike attribute for this transfer and I picked faith. I learned so much. Faith is everything. It truly is amazing. I have definitely grown and learned to trust in the Lord more fully. So we all talked about what we learned and then we went around and talked about each others strengths. It was so great. There was so much of God's love there. It was great. I was so spiritually lifted from that meeting that there were so many miracles that happened after that. We talked to so many people and we were so happy doing it, even in the rain. It was great fun! 
Thursday was a good day. I had an epiphany about faith and it changed my life. So many wonderful things happened. I can really see God's hand in my life and I can't be more grateful for it. We did service together as a district and it was super fun. Got really dirty but it was great. 
Saturday we had an amazing lesson with a new investigator. Her name is Ashley and I just feel so much love for her. She is so awesome and wants to learn so much more. It's great.
Sunday was a rough day for me. Cause I found out that Sister Dennis was leaving me and I was just so sad. And we got blessings and they were wonderful, of course. But that was the last time our district was together. And it was so sad. Elder To'omalaitai is home (in Long Beach btw) and Sister Dennis is in a new area. This transfer thing is rough business. But it's all good. We had dessert with the Jones family last night and it was so much fun. They are just the greatest and love to help missionaries out so much. I just love them.
I am really excited to continue to grow and apply what I learned from last transfer to this one. It's gonna be great.   
I can't really remember anything else that happened this week cause I forgot my other planner. But this week was a good last week for us here. I'm gonna miss Sister Dennis a ton but I know that I have the Lord on my side. It's gonna be awesome!
I am so grateful for my family and I know that Heavenly Father is watching over all of you. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and that we all have the Gospel in our lives. I love this Gospel and I am so grateful for it in my life.
I hope you all are well! 

Much love,

Sister Richards  

Sister Richards and her Cinderella Skirt

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