Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No missionary likes dogs, October 19, 2015

Well this week was better than last week! And I can't believe that this transfer is almost over. I have no idea what will happen!! I also have mixed feelings so we will just have to wait and see. 
Tuesday was a pretty good day. We got to see Ray. He is doing better. Although I feel that his time is coming soon. But he is awesome! Then we had to clean our car out because of Zone Conference. They were checking the cars so we had to make sure everything was good. I checked the oil. It was great! Haha! Also I waxed a car for the first time. That was fun. I just kept saying "wax on, wax off" all night. It was great fun. Oh and we kept taking our shoes off cause we didn't want to dirty up the car and then we met with Chris and Stella and got dog hair all over the car.... It was hilariously annoying. But the lint roller saved the day. 
Wednesday we had Zone Conference. That was all day. It was really fun. I learned a lot and got to have some fun doing it too. President and Sister Mendenhall are just so awesome. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful mission president and wife. They are great. But the cool thing was the end of the conference all the people that are leaving either this transfer or next got up to bare their testimonies and it was so cool. I can't even really describe it but it was just fun to hear what they have learned. It was great.
Thursday was a little bit of a rough day for us. I don't know if I told you but we are not sleeping very well. Haven't been for the last 3 weeks for some reason. So we were just really tired and Sister Dennis could hardly function. But we did get to see Ray again so that was fun. He loves talking about Jesus Christ and I just love it. At his baptism he saw a picture of Christ on the cross and said to me, "He really did a lot for us huh?" I was kind of just overcome. Jesus Christ really did do a lot for us. Also we had a really awesome dinner with these two sisters in our ward. They are just so great. But we were talking about cremation and I told her that I don't think its a big deal, afterlife wise, and Sister Troch said, "When I go to heaven and if I find out that you are wrong, I'm coming after you!" That was so funny. So I just told her that was my personal opinion. Not doctrine. Man it was so funny.
Friday we had dinner with a friend of Sister Dennis. He served in her ward back home but lives here now. So that was the highlight of that day. Oh actually. So I don't really like dogs anymore and I'll tell you why. Cause one tried to kill me. Okay I am being a little dramatic but we went to go knock on this door and there was a dog just barking up a storm in the front yard. So we just started to walk away and I look behind me and the dog was right on my butt so it freaked me out. Naturally I stared running away cause it scared me. So naturally the dog started to chase me. I booked it the heck out of there and totally left my companion in the dust. I felt bad but I ain't about that life. It was apparently really funny to my companion but I didn't quite see the humor in it... So that has been quite a joke between us now. Oh also we tried to take cute pictures of the leaves and now I have leaves forever coming out of my purse... The pictures ended up not very cute... 
Saturday was a fun day and a rather crazy day. So many little things kept happening that we just couldn't deny as miracles. We first had to go teach primary kids about how they can be missionaries now. They were so cute. And then we just kept being in the right place at the right time. We got to teach a potential and now he is an investigator. He is awesome. His name is Gabriel. But then we had to go get our tires pumped up and we got there right when they closed but they filled them anyway. So nice. But we met this guy Aaron there and he was awesome. Not really interested but he might come to church one of these days. And then we went to go knocking in a new area and we got done praying and this lady starts walking up to our door. So I roll down my window and she just says, "I'm actually leaving right now but can you come tomorrow anytime?" I was floored. Um yes, of course we can. And then she proceeds to give us some referrals on the street. Waz-up! So we went to go contact them and met this guy Devon. He is not the one she sent us to but it was so funny. I'm pretty sure he was high up in the sky but he was cool. It was just cool. Then we had the Trunk or Treat. They had a chili competition and they were delish. I ate so much food. My companion was a little bit disgusted... Whateves. They had the best cupcakes there! I ate a lot of those too. But they had some of the cutest costumes. I didn't get any pictures cause I forgot but this one family was characters from Little Mermaid! They were so cute. Lots of super heroes. Duh, cause they is da best! It was so much fun. We got some candy too. It was great. We asked if we could dress up and we were told, yeah as servants of the Lord. It was funny. But then we got a blessing for our sleeping and it was about so much more than that. God really does know me and I am truly amazed at that. I am also so grateful for the Priesthood. Its real! And I have been sleeping pretty good since then so yay. We had a lesson after that and I really want their daughter to get baptized. She is awesome. We shall see. 
Sunday I learned a lot about repentance and pride. It was awesome. Also we had an lesson with this less active family and it was amazing. We talked about the Atonement and the Spirit was just so strong. It was amazing and just what I needed. I am so grateful for the Atonement in my life so that I have a chance to be better. Man, God is real! And this gospel is good!! I love it. I am learning so much and I am just excited to be here. Even though it is hard, it is wonderful. 
(Hopefully this letter makes sense. My brain doesn't seem to be working very well this morning)
I love you all and I pray for you always. Stay sweet!!

Much Love,
Sister Richards

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