Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It's always about the drugs.......February 22, 2016

Not going to lie. I have no idea what I sent last week. I was hardcore on drugs.
But I don't really have anything to talk about this week. I have just been resting and taking lots of drugs.
We did go to district meeting this week. That was interesting. I was way out of it but my zone leaders are taking great care of us. They brought in a nice comfy recliner from the mother's room for me and brought us food. It was actually really good. I was surprised. Then we had interviews with President that day too. That was good. They are pretty glad that I decided to stay.
Other than that, I have been lying low, literally cause I have to lie down. But I have this foam pillow thing, I call it Big Blue, that I have to put my arm in when I sleep so it will stay elevated. That's fun.
We went to Church yesterday and I almost threw up on everyone but I survived. It was good. We did go out too that night after dinner and got in contact with Allison. It was great. She really wants to keep learning so that's good.
That's about it for the week. Hopefully this next week has a little more to talk about. Pray that it doesn't snow too much cause we are on foot and I can't put coats on over my elbow cast. Struggle is real.
Thanks for all the prayers and love. Slowly but surly I will get back to things!
keep the faith

Much Love,
Sister Richards

oh ps, I have a Dr appointment tomorrow so hopefully I get a real cast and not this ghetto one. 
Also, I am super proud of myself. I could get undressed and dressed all by myself last night. This broken lefty can't stop me haha :)

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