Thursday, March 3, 2016

Broken lefty ain't got nothing on me

So this week was pretty awesome.but also very difficult with my broken arm and no car and being on drugs that make me a zombie and getting exhausted and having to go in. But there were also crazy miracles happening!
First though, it's transfers! And I am going to Westminister in the Red Leaf Ward with Sister Nelson. She came out like 3 transfers ago so that's fun. I am ready for change though. With the accident, everything has just been crazy.
So, doctor on Tuesday. I am healing well. I got a real cast. It's actually really weird. Its called a delta, which means that it has Velcro, aka I can take my cast off for the shower. But let's be real, that hurts too much so that's never happening again. And they only come in black. Boo. But I have to have this elbow cast for another week and then I am going in next Tuesday to get a short arm cast for 2 more weeks. The appointment was 3 hours long and I almost passed out when they took my splint off. It was ridiculous. Also I about died and broke down in tears when he asked me to bend things and I couldn't. It was rough. They kept playing with my arm though and I did not appreciate that very much. It hurt something fierce. Also I got to see the plate and I now have 9 screws in my wrist so that's fun. Do I win yet? Haha. So I think that is all about the doctor that you need to know. Also my doctors name is Ignatiuk. It's pretty sweet.
Anyway Wednesday was really cool. Elder Soares of the Seventy came to our mission this week and it was super awesome. And guess what. He wanted to talk to me personally. So I got to have an interview with Elder Soares. It was way awesome. He is so funny. Also he has the same scar as I will have so he showed me that. Oh, on a side note. I am in the dumb Elders club. All these Elders were showing me their scars and how they had to get a plate too.... I feel it only makes sense having so many brothers... Anyway that was a really cool experience.
But it gets better. Allison, the girl we found a while ago, is still going strong even though we were out of order for a while. So we got a hold of her again and had a super sweet lesson with her and put her on baptism date. I am so excited for her even though I am leaving. But it gets better. She came to Church and is planning on continuing to come. She is so legit. I am going to miss her. Also she has the cutest baby in the world. But it was just so cool to see her keep all her commitments and really want to change. She is awesome. And that was an answer to my prayers. God is real!
Anyway it was a rather rough week for me but I am slowly getting better. I am off the drugs and hoping to get back to normal soon. Well as normal as I can with a broken arm.
But I think that's about it for this week. It was quite an adventure of a week.
Anyway, thanks for the prayers and the love! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Much love, 
Sister Richards

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