Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Miracles because He is aware......February 1, 2016

Let me just start off by saying how happy your email made me today! I love to hear about all the miracles that are happening in the family! And I am so glad that Ben's baptism was nice! That is awesome!
This week was pretty good. As the subject line states, there were lots of miracles. I only have 20 minutes left so I will try to hurry.
We met with a single guy that hadn't been visited by anyone since he moved in a year ago. He really appreciated the visit and I just thought about how Heavenly Father takes cares of His children. This man loves Star Wars and my companion didn't understand so I had to tell her the whole story. Never thought I would have to do that. It was rather funny too cause I would relate it to missionary work and it's crazy how much they relate. 
Miracle of the week was finding Allison. We were looking for a member, her mom, and she told us that she was sleeping so to come back. So we started to walk away but she called us back and asked us to pray for her. Her husband died a couple of days ago. So we shared a message and prayed with her and asked if she wanted a blessing. She did so we came back the next day with Elders and they gave her a blessing. Then we started to teach the plan of salvation and when we got to the Spirit world, her whole countenance changed. It was really cool to see the difference that knowledge makes. She was so at peace to know that her husband is in a better place and still has the opportunity to change. It was cool too because I could see her through heavens eyes and could see her in white. I have high hopes that she will continue on the path of righteousness. 
We had to do a lot of walking this week cause it is the end of the month and we were low on miles but #miracle, we ended the month with 2 miles to spare. Ballin'!
We actually found this other girl, Nicole. She is super cute and was really interested in the Plan of Salvation. She isn't super solid right now about if she wants to commit to anything but I have faith. But again, the plan is so real and it is so true. 
The weather has been such a tease as of late. It was so warm out and now it is snowing... It was very wet.
Sunday was a very good day. Lots of good reflecting and great messages. Sometimes life is hard but we can still find joy in it. We are like a string to a violin; it only makes music when it is stretched. 
I have seen too many miracles here to not know that God is aware of His children. 
Thanks for the wonderfully uplifting email and sorry mine isn't too great. Next time! I hope you have a wonderful week! Love ya!

Much love,
Sister Richards

Ps. did you notice how many movies I quoted in this email? I just have to giggle to myself! :)

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