Friday, May 20, 2016

Chickens are of the devil May 2, 2016

Sister Richards and Sister Hollingsworth
Ok first off, OWEN IS SO CUTE!!!!! I just want to snuggle him up and squish him!!! Also I just love that name!! He's just so cute! And he totally looks like Ben hands down.
And second of all, there is a less active member that thinks chickens are of the devil because of their black eyes and 3 toes. It was quite hilarious. 
Third of all I have no idea what time I will be able to Skype with you guys on Sunday yet. No one has signed up for dinner and we aren't quite sure what to do about that so hopefully I will just be able to catch you... It will be sometime after 2 my time...And it is like we just talked. Oh well. But we won't talk again for another 8 months. And then I will be home one month after that. Crazy. I don't like to think about that...
Anyway this week was way awesome!! Lots of miracles here!
Tuesday we found 2 new investigators. They are a couple and they are super cool. The husband has a little more potential I think but we will see what happens. 
Wednesday was a crazy day. We had to get our tire fixed cause there was a nail in ours... Then we went to the mission office to say goodbye to one of the office workers, the Hollingsworths. She is the one that went with me to court. She is just the best. I will miss her tons. But then we had our hand-off lesson with Mike. I don't know if I told you that he was going to be taught by Elders now but he is. Just a better situation for him and us. We also got to see Brother Andrews again. He is so funny. It was a really powerful lesson though. We were talking about the Atonement and man, Brother Andrews is definitely loved by God. I could just feel it so strongly.
Thursday we had District Meeting. Nothing super special there. But then we found another investigator. Her name is Adrianna and she is 14. And she is on baptism date! Ballin'!! We are excited for her. I just hope she continues to progress. Then we saw the Machados. They are the sweetest family. They bought me weights for my wrist exercises! They are just the best. We had the coolest dinner too that day. It was this Indian fry bread stuffed with breakfast yummies like eggs and bacon. It was so good. But then we had a really awesome lesson with Sister Post, the less active member that thinks chickens are of the devil. We just read Helaman 16 with her. There are so many wonderful gems in that chapter. It was awesome. Read it, love it, live it.
Absolutely nothing happened on Friday, except it snowed all day and lots of finding!!! I really hate that it is snowing right now. I am about to have some PTSD from my grounds days. 
Saturday was more finding
Sunday was a good day. No particular reason why but it was just a good day! 
I can't wait to see you on Sunday!! I hope you will be able to talk when I call. Sorry I don't have a time or anything.
But the God's work keeps moving. I hope to make a difference in it. 
Love you!!

Sister Richards
This is kind of hard to tell but I am using a can of chili as my weight for my exercises!! :)

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