Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nothing but a couple of goose eggs April 25, 2015

Last picture with Sister Nelson
Rough week for the Red Leaf ward in the Colorado Denver North mission. We taught 3 lessons this week... No one wants to talk to us in our area. Struggle is real. But we press on.

So Monday we finally finished all of the playground pictures. It was rather amazing. It took our whole day though. But totally worth every bit.  (posted at the end of the letter)
Tuesday we had lots of fun at service and just visiting members so Sister Nelson could say good bye.
Wednesday was transfers and that was fun to see some old friends. It was great. And now I have Sister Banner. She is from Oregon. She is pretty cool. We are still at the awkward getting used to each other stage. I hate that stage. But it's all good. We got to visit with Brother Andrews again. He is so awesome. I really feel like he gets touched by our lessons even though he is stubborn and won't come back to church. One day...
Thursday we had district meeting and we have a new district leader. Elder Burt. So we are naming our district Burt's bees... Its hilarious. He doesn't like it but he has no choice. It has been decided.
Friday was my 9 month mark. My half way through the mission. Oh my goodness, where did the time go?  I am now in the single digits mark. I had quite the freak out. But we celebrated with shakes and glow sticks. Sadly I am being terrible about pictures already this transfer and it has only begun... Oh well.
Saturday was a very long day of finding. But we did talk to a few people that we have appointments with for this next week so hopefully we find some new people that stick. And we did finally get to talk to a potential that really wanted to come to church, even though he didn't. But maybe one day.
Sunday we visited with Sister Anderson. She is a crazy old lady that loves to talk about an angel she saw in the cemetery once. She makes me happy. So funny. And Mike came to church again. But we are passing him off to the Elders to teach him because it would just be better. So that is sad but hopefully he continues to progress.
So that is pretty much my life right now. Nothing but finding for days!! But I am seeing small miracles. Things will get better. 
9 month celebration shakes....and a new companion, Sister Banner  

I am so excited for these babies. Cute names!! Love it. 
Well happy anniversary Mom and Dad!! You did it!! :)
Anyway thanks for the love and prayers! You are wonderful!!

Love you bunches!!
Sister Richards
Project Playground:  Accomplished

Fly Like A Bird

I'll never let go Jack

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