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Kevin's a girl?? March 28, 2016

I have been quoting Up all week so that is the subject line.
This week was rather trying for me. There were lots of ups and downs but it ended on a good note so it's all good.
Zone Pday
Monday we had zone p-day and we just played games at the Church. I miss being able to play volleyball :\ But it was still fun.
Tuesday the weather was so beautiful! Oh and I had another doctors appointment and my doctor was not happy that I wasn't wearing my cast... So now I have to wear it for two more weeks. Bummer... I guess that
is what I get. But I don't think I am healing as well as they would like so that's lame. But I got a picture of my x-ray with my plate so that is pretty cool. But we also taught some random lessons but they were pretty cool experiences. One of them actually has a best friend that is in the West Chester ward... the Ramptons. So she let us in and we shared the video with her. She wasn't interested but it was just cool to find the first person we knocked on that day knows someone from Cincinnati. The other one we taught was a former investigator. She wasn't interested either but she told us that she was having a really hard day and was praying to God for help and we showed up. Little things like that just make you happy as a missionary.
Wednesday was complete opposite of Tuesday, weather wise. We had a huge blizzard and we got about 2 feet of snow. But it was so bad out that we were told that we should stay in... that's how bad it was. But I found the entrance to Narnia so it's all good. We played out in the snow for a bit and tried to help people but there was way too much snow. It finally stopped snowing enough for someone to come get us for dinner. It was amazing. And she made me a special cake and it was to die for. It was a brownie with peanut butter cheesecake. Yum! So our day was a little boring. Oh and court got moved to the 6th.
Thursday was a hard day for me. My physical therapy got cancelled and that really bummed me out. I can't really explain why it was so hard for me. It was just one of those days.
Friday we did some cleaning service and I wanted to die after. We were helping a home that was infested with bugs. And I am not even kidding, it was so nasty. I wanted to die for a good while after we did that. I just couldn't get clean enough. But that is all to say about that day
Saturday I was deliriously tired for some reason so it was a very long day. But good things happened. We had a lesson with a part member family and one of the kids is my hero. He just loved talking about Christ and he was so excited to have us pray with him. It was really cool to see how much love he had for God. And we had Women's Conference. That was good. It's funny they talked about charity cause that is what I have been working on this transfer. And we had a lesson and a talk about it on Sunday.... Highly suspect!
Easter was good. Not the same on the mission but good. And we found a new investigator! Not too solid right now but we will see.
Loved the pictures you sent! Sad I am missing opening day! Cheer loud for me :)
Hope you had a wonderful Easter and remember what we celebrate it for! 
Love you!
Sister Richards

Tuesday the weather was so beautiful!
We cute

Ready for the blizzard

Blizzard next day

Just kidding.....I'm not ready for the blizzard

Easter Selfie :)

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