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Luigi is a free bird April 11, 2016

Luigi Free!
Well for starters, I don't have to wear my cast anymore!! Yay! Except at But I was actually really sad that I don't get to see my doctor anymore because he is hilarious. He is just the best. He said so many funny things that last day that I saw him. It was great fun. I really wanted to get a picture with him but I chickened out. And I didn't know if that was even allowed... So many regrets. Oh well. But I have named my scar Luigi, hence the title of this email. I am getting some movement back but I still have no strength. Lame. But I am working on that too. And someone in my ward is a massage therapist so she is going to work on my arm... ballin'!
Anyway Tuesday we did some service at the food back. That was actually lame because they didn't really have anything for us to do. But then we painted nails for the old folks and they are just cute. But that was the day we had my doctor so that took up a lot of our time. My favorite thing Dr. Ignatiuk said was when he was talking about my movement. He said that we had a bet if I would get any movement back and then he goes, I'm winning!! It was very funny. He also kept telling me how bad my arm was broken. He honestly looked shocked that he fixed it... 
Wednesday was a very busy day. First I had therapy in the morning and that hurt something fierce. I got to play with lots of fun toys though :) Then we had a lesson with our new investigator Mike! It went pretty well actually. He has lots of questions and is very interested in learning more about what we believe. Then we had to drive to the mission office because I was dropping off my companion and taking an office worker with me to court. Sister Hollingsworth is like the cutest southern lady ever! And I am so glad that she went with me to court. Court was really simple and easy. I was the first one up and I left 15 minutes later with a lot less of a fine than I was expecting! So that was a huge burden off my shoulders. 
Thursday we had zone meeting and that was way good. I had to give a role play on confidence. How you do that I have no idea but I pulled something together. It was a way good meeting though. Very spiritual. We talked about patience, prayer, fear, confidence, and repentance. Here is a little nugget for you: "winning is getting up every time you fall". Oh and do the little things. If you don't do the little things right you wont be able to do the big things right. Good stuff. My zone is pretty fun and funny. Then we had a lesson with the Machado's. They are preparing to go to the temple so that is way cool. Then we had random lessons that didn't really mean anything but we got to teach so it's all good. But my favorite part of the day was dinner when we got to have burgers. I have had lasagna almost every day for the past two weeks and they give us the leftovers. I was getting sick even thinking about lasagna! So homemade burgers were pretty bomb. 
Friday I had more therapy. And this time I got to take putty home to play with it. Also she told me that I apparently broke both bones in my arm.... Good one. She also said I probably wouldn't be completely better for a long time. Bummer. Maybe by some miracle I will heal really fast :) Anyway we had a great lesson about the tree of life with a less active member. Just in comparing the different people that were told about in the story. Don't cling to the rod out of fear and only taste of the fruit but rather hold fast to the rod continually and partake of the fruit! Oh and we had the best dessert for dinner! It was the best homemade chocolate pudding I have ever had. I almost died from it being so delish! 
So Mike didn't come to church on Sunday so that is sad. But Sunday was a good day. Good meetings.
The work is going slow but I know there are people ready to be baptized! Just gotta find them!
Tell Kristen I said happy birthday!!

Love you!!
Sister Richards

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