Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Conference for the win!!

My Big Button :)
Well conference was great as usual. Gotta love Uchtdorf! He is hilarious. And Holland really did have the perfect ending. Great stuff. I think Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon were my favorite sessions. I was not too impressed with Saturday afternoon but I guess it was just not meant for me.
This week was a crazy one and super fast. Where is the time going?
I had therapy on Tuesday. That was fun. It hurt something fierce but I gained 30 degrees going one way on my wrist so that's good. Slowly but surely I guess. Then after that we went to a Sisters meeting where all the sisters in the mission got together to be uplifted and great stuff like that. I felt really bad cause we had to miss the first half of it cause of my therapy. But it was still really good. And I got to see all my favorite sisters! :) It was great! We also got another investigator that day!! He is not super serious and totally flaked on us but we will see what happens.
Wednesday was a pretty good day! We got to have zone meeting and that was way good. It was fun too cause we all just got to know each other a little bit. I learned a lot about the Atonement and the reality of it. Then we had an active member lesson about the Book of Mormon. It's still true. We also got in with a less active member that is from Scotland. He is cool. Has a crazy story too. But he also was flirting with the member we brought with us so that was a little awkward. But he is great. Then we had another lesson with a less active family and she is just kind of crazy. Anyway long story short, she talked us to death and we turned into rotten pumpkins.
Thursday we finally got in with a less active member that is coming back to church. She is cool. She had really great insights about how we need to surround ourselves with good influences. Don't let others determine who you are. But that's about it. 
Friday we did service at the retirement home and we played bingo. Old people are feisty, man. We were apparently doing it all wrong. But it was still fun. Then we had a lesson about sacrifice with one of our less active members and it was really good. It just made me think a lot about what I am willing to sacrifice. 
Well the rest of the weekend was conference of course. I would just like to invite you all, cause that is what missionaries do, to heed Hollands invitation: remember what you have learned from conference and keep trying to apply it to your life. 
I love you and I love this gospel and that my Savior would sacrifice so much for me to be happy!! Hope you have a better week and don't get into anymore car accidents!!

Much love,
Sister Richards
So we found this at the store on Monday and I about died. I want one!!   

I'm the queen!! :)

These are all the sisters I came out with :)
Minus my companion from the MTC cause she went home :(

Sisters Meeting

So there are a ton of playgrounds in our area so we made it a goal to get a picture with every one. We have two down, a ton more to go :)

We matched :)

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