Sunday, June 5, 2016

Talk about crazy......let me tell you! May 31, 2016

Our Lovely Sisters
Okay, first of all, Ella is so beyond cute!!!! Oh man those pictures are so fun!! I am so sad that I am missing all this wonderfulness! Man... But it's worth it!!
Okay this week has been crazy for real. Oh the life. But let me tell you about transfers. I am leaving Red Leaf and going all the way down to Parker to be in the Auburn Hills and Newlin Meadows wards!! Crazy! But I am super excited. My new companion is going to be Sister Larson. Don't know her but I have heard good things so it's going to be great! Also our mission is expanding. We received two new stakes from the Fort Collins and Colorado Springs mission. So that is fun!
I don't even honestly know what happened all this week. It was a good one though until the end when the craziness started. But we actually got to see a lot of people. We taught more than we have in a while and we handed out 3 Book of Mormons, which is a huge deal for this area. But now I am on to new adventures.
We had a really good district meeting and took lots of fun pictures. And then the craziness started. We got a call on Saturday from President telling us that a sister went home for health reasons and so we were now in a trio with her companion. I was super excited to be with Sister Tuitavake for her last couple of days in the mission but it was so sad to see her companion go. She was awesome. So it was really crazy because we were now covering two areas and trying to do everything that Sister Tui needed to do before she left and still try to see people we wanted to see because we knew that we were leaving. So I can't even tell you what happened cause it was so crazy but it was also really good. It was cool to be with her and see her teach her last couple of days in the mission field. We sent her away today so that was sad. 
Sunday I went to Church by myself.... but don't worry, I had a member with me all the time. But our churches started at the same time and we both wanted to go cause it was our last times there so we just split up. It was an awkward day for me. A) I didn't have my companion even though I was with other people, it's not the same, 2) we talked about eternal marriage all day, and D) I am just an awkward soul.
Yesterday was awesome though! We did a mission 5K since it was a holiday and we couldn't email anyway. So it was so fun to see everyone from the mission. But the running part on the other hand.... not so fun. Just kidding it was great. Our zone was the best though. So one of our Elders has a back injury so his companion pushed him in a chair the whole way. It was awesome. And we handed out a Book of Mormon. Good times! It probably wasn't really 3 miles but it sure did feel like it. But it was so fun. We all just had a blast. I got to see so many people. It was great.
Sorry I wish I had more things to tell you but my brain is so scatterbrained and stressed that nothing else is coming to my mind. But I will send pictures! :)
Anyway I am so grateful to be out here doing the Lords work and serving these people. I hope you all have a wonderful week and give lots of hugs and kisses to the new babies for me!!!
Much love,
Sister Richards

Editor's Note:  Please see sidebar slideshow entitled "Goodbye Red Leaf"
Burt's Bees, our District

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