Sunday, June 5, 2016

Oh, the Places You'll Go! May 23, 2016

So this week was pretty good. Lots of adventures and knocking on almost every door in our area! Yay!
I am a little short on time so this is going to be a little brief, sorry! 
Monday we had an Oreo party for sisters pday. That was fun. I love Oreos way too much though. But the peanut butter ones are seriously the bomb! Just sayin'
Tuesday we got to do service for the food bank and that was fun. There was a lot of work to do. And there was a 2000 pound bag of rice that needed to be put in smaller bags. We did it in 30 mins. It was great fun. We demolished that bag of rice. But man was I tired after that one. I feel like an old lady sometimes, it's ridiculous. We got to have Cafe Rio for dinner cause the Daybells are my favorite! So that was way good.
Wednesday we had to turn our car into the shop to get something fixed. So we had an interesting day of walking everywhere. So we got dropped off in one area but then decided that we didn't want to be there so we walked to this new area but we knocked on one door and it felt wrong to be there so we then tried to figure out how to get home... There are no sidewalks here. So we went trucking in the mud, cause it has been raining so much this week, and finally made it to some trails. So by that time it was lunch time and we needed to regroup. So we just went back home. But then when we went out we were smarter. So we found the trail and didn't have to walk in mud. But it took forever to get to one area so we just knocked there and the Jehovah's Witness had just been there. So that was annoying. But we knocked anyway. So the whole day of walking resulted in half my face sunburned and some nice blisters. But it was fun. I liked it. And there was a cloud that looked like a whale tale waving to me. It made me smile :)
We did actually get to give someone a Book of Mormon so that is great. That doesn't really happen here in this area. 
Thursday we had district meeting and that was good. Then we finally got our car back and they didn't even fix it cause they couldn't find anything wrong. Whatever. Not much else happened. Oh we did meet an Asian named Kevin that took a Book of Mormon too so that was cool. 
Friday we did some yard work for a member and had lots of finding
Saturday was cool. We actually got to go to Brighton to be at a baptism for someone in Sister Banners last area and I got to see Sister Netherton. It was so good to see her actually. I have missed her. She is awesome! But the baptism was a really cool experience. The Spirit was very strong! 
Well sorry this is so lame, I am just in a hurry! Thanks for the info about Scotland and the cute pictures of Owen in a bowl. That made my day!
I hope you have a great week. Keep being awesome! Thanks for all the support!

Much love,
Sister Richards

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